Cloud Security Challenges

Cloud network security is challenged by the continued presence of the on-premise network. In today’s environment, security policy must be managed comprehensively across the hybrid network that comes about as a result of the connection between the on-premise data center and the cloud estate that now hosts a growing number of applications. Cloud compliance with regulations and security policy is no less essential than in the data center.

Organizations that employ the cloud often use the services of more than one cloud vendor. The multi-cloud usage trend is likely to continue. These organizations now need to manage

♦ On-premise security

♦ Cloud security

♦ And Inter-cloud network security emanating from multi-cloud use

As more and more applications are migrated to the cloud, network security teams face an onslaught of new cloud security challenges.


Discover how AlgoSec can help your cloud network security in the hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environment.

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Additional Features

AlgoSec's Cloud Network Security Solution


Cloud Visibility

Visibility across hybrid, on-premise
and multi-cloud estates from a business-application perspective


Application Connectivity

Understanding the impact of network flows and security controls on application network connectivity


Multi-cloud & Hybrid

Managing security policies across multi-cloud and hybrid environments through automation with zero touch


Cloud Compliance

Maintaining security cloud compliance posture across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments


Multi-cloud Management

Capability of handling multiple cloud-management portals


Cloud Security Training

Optimal training of security personnel—one console, one language—for the entire heterogeneous network

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