Our environmental

Environmental commitment and vision

AlgoSec recognizes the importance of protecting the environment, we at AlgoSec are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and our waste by efficiently coding our product.

For minimal environmental impact, the company has defined a long-term strategy, which includes working towards reinforcing its reduction goals and strengthening them through information and employee awareness.

Our goal

AlgoSec is determined to reduce our environmental impact, by striving to decrease the GHG emissions from our worldwide operations and from our products (as applicable), thus ensuring a safer and more sustainable future for us all. We are continuously looking for ways to maximize energy efficiency while minimizing water consumption and waste accumulation throughout our operations.


Verification Statement for GHG Scope 1&2:
BDO has conducted the assurance for AlgoSec Greenhouse Gas inventory for scopes 1 and 2 according to GHG protocol.
The assurance procedure was done according to the disclosures required by the AccountAbility AA1000AS v3 standard and the ISO 14064-3 verification methodology. The assurance process was conducted professionally, impartially and independently.

What we have achieved so far

Implementation of a worldwide hybrid model since 2020, thus inducing a reduction in emissions spent on employee commuting, as well as electricity usage and water consumption.
Waste management program – Reduce trash and the use of plastic at the office, in addition to recycling or reusing 99% of our electronic waste Raising employee awareness of effective use of energy in the office Product sustainability – we strive to increase the energy efficiency of our products by advanced product coding.

Our next steps

We are committed to infusing as part of our business plan strategic actions to advance reduction in GHG emissions, as part of Scope 1&2. We will continue to reduce our environmental impact by monitoring our progress and taking strategic actions to help achieve our goals.