See what our customers say about network security policy management

“We found that mitigating issues around firewall rulesets is very resource intensive if you don’t have the right tool, so the ROI from AlgoSec stacked up pretty quickly”

Peter Erceg – T-Mobile

“AlgoSec helps us maintain a problem-free environment, and because of operational efficiencies, the product paid for itself within the first year”

Wellington Vita – BM & FBOVESPA

“Using AlgoSec during our data center migration allowed us to give technical project leaders access to all of the rules involved in the migration of their applications, which reduced… time on these projects by 80%.”

Bruno Roulleau - Sanofi

I selected AlgoSec’s Security Management Solution because the reporting is very trust worthy, it helps reduce the operational work­load for network security administrators, and ultimately it improves performance and security.

Stefano Ciminelli - Verizon

Business-Driven Security Management

With AlgoSec’s network security policy management solution, users can automatically discover and migrate application connectivity, proactively analyze risk from the business perspective, tie cyber-attacks to business processes and intelligently automate time-consuming security policy changes — all with zero-touch and seamlessly orchestrated across any heterogeneous environment.


Frequently asked questions about AlgoSec’s network security policy management solution

Can AlgoSec unify visibility and management across cloud, SDN and on-premise enterprise networks?

The AlgoSec network security policy management solution provides full visibility and management across traditional and next-generation firewalls, and security controls deployed on public and private clouds as well as SDN. AlgoSec provides a single pane of glass through which you can seamlessly and automatically manage your network security policies across the hybrid environment, and enables network visualization and traffic simulations, policy and risk analysis, auditing and compliance reporting.

Can AlgoSec automate network security policy management?

AlgoSec helps you process security policy changes in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Using intelligent, highly customizable workflows AlgoSec’s network security policy management solution automates the entire security policy change process — from planning and design through submission, proactive risk analysis, implementation, validation and auditing — all with zero-touch. AlgoSec helps get the network operations and security teams on the same page, avoid guesswork and manual errors, reduce risk and enforce compliance.

What about proactively assessing and managing risk?

The AlgoSec network security policy management solution proactively assesses the impact of every proposed security policy change to minimize risk, prevent outages and ensure compliance. AlgoSec relies on the broadest risk knowledgebase in the industry which includes best practices, regulations, as well as corporate defined policies. Additionally, through the network security policy management solution’s integration with the leading vulnerability scanners, AlgoSec maps security vulnerabilities to their business applications, giving you the information you need to assess and prioritize risks to your business.

AlgoSec’s network security policy management solution also provides actionable recommendations to help you to cleanup and optimize your security policies. AlgoSec’s network security policy management solution identifies risky, unused or duplicate rules, initiates recertification processes for expired rules, provides recommendations on how to consolidate or reorder rules for better performance, and tightens overly permissive “ANY” rules — without impacting business requirements. All changes can be automatically designed, implemented and validated through AlgoSec’s network security policy change management process.

Can I stay compliant using network security policy management solutions?

AlgoSec’s network security policy management solution automatically generates pre-populated, audit-ready compliance reports for all the leading industry regulations including PCI-DSS, HIPAA and SOX, as well as customized corporate policies — which helps reduce audit preparation efforts and costs by as much as 80% and makes life much easier for you and your auditors!

Can AlgoSec's network security policy management solution tie incident response to business processes?

Through a seamless integration with the leading SIEM solutions, AlgoSec’s network security policy management solution ties security incidents directly to the actual business processes that are or potentially will be impacted, including the applications, servers, network and traffic flows, and security devices. By augmenting threat analysis with critical business context, you can immediately assess the scale of the risk to your business, and prioritize remediation efforts accordingly. AlgoSec’s network security policy management solution can also neutralize an attack by automatically isolating any compromised or vulnerable servers from the network.

What about integrating security into DevOps?

AlgoSec extends automated network security policy management to the DevOps lifecycle — from build, through QA, to deployment into production. This allows for better collaboration between security and the DevOps teams, and enables a faster — and risk-free — deployment into production.

I want to migrate my applications securely. Can AlgoSec's Network Security Policy Management Solution help me achieve this?

AlgoSec’s network security policy management solution simplifies and automates the complex process of migrating application connectivity to support digital transformation initiatives such as cloud and SDN deployments. First, it automatically discovers, identifies and generates a visual map of your enterprise applications and their connectivity flows — without requiring any prior knowledge or manual configuration by security, networking or application experts. Then it generates the necessary change requests for the underlying firewall rules and automatically deploys them, all while ensuring the integrity of the security policy and network access. Once the application has been migrated, AlgoSec uniquely identifies the firewall rules that can be safely deleted, as well as rules that should not be removed because they are used by other applications.

Network Security Policy Management Resources

Discover more about our network security policy management solution

Blog Post

5 things you didn’t know you could do with a security policy management solution

Enterprises are continuously evolving their networks to support new applications, enable business transformation initiatives such as cloud and SDN, and to fend off new and more sophisticated cyber-attacks on a daily basis.  But security and network staff are struggling to keep up – which not only impacts on business agility, but exposes enterprises to risk and hampers their ability to address the modern threat landscape.


Network Security Policy Management – Automation for Transformation

Making security policy changes manually is a slow, laborious process which is fraught with risks; it can take several days—sometimes weeks—to process a single change in a complex enterprise environment. When hundreds of changes are required each month, it can be an impossible task! In this webinar, Yonatan Klein, Director of Product Management at AlgoSec, will discuss how automation can take your security policy management to the next level; delivering the most stringent security change management and control processes, while providing visibility and helping to maximize business agility across your disparate, ever-changing, hybrid cloud enterprise network. Join the webinar to learn how you can use automation to:

  •  Discover and map application connectivity to centralize and optimize security policy management
  • Migrate application connectivity across data centers , to the cloud, and throughout the DevOps lifecycle
  • Ensure your disaster recovery processes for firewalls are secure and up-to-date
  • Take an application-centric approach to simplifying firewall rule recertification processes
Attend this webinar to discover how you can reduce the time and effort you spend on managing security, while keeping your all your stakeholders happy – network and security operations teams, application owners, and even C-level executives.  


Security Policy Management Across the Next Generation Data Center

This paper examines the new realities facing today’s security, networking and application teams, the challenges of managing the security policy in an environment of constant change and complexity, and the solutions that can help manage security at the speed of business.

Whiteboard Video

Collaboration tools such as Slack provide a convenient way to have group discussions and complete collaborative business tasks. Now, these automated chatbots can be used for answering questions and handling tasks for development, IT and infosecurity teams. For example, enterprises can use chatbots to automate information-sharing across silos, such as between IT and application owners. So rather than having to call somebody and ask them “Is that system up? What happened to my security change request?” and so on, tracking helpdesk issues and the status of help requests can become much more accessible and responsive. Chatbots also make access to siloed resources more democratic and more widely available across the organization (subject, of course to the necessary access rights). In this video, Prof. Wool discusses how automated chatbots can be used to help a wide range of users for their security policy management tasks – thereby improving service to stakeholders and helping to accelerate security policy change processes across the enterprise.


Cleaning up your Firewall Clutter

Key strategies and techniques to help optimize and cleanup firewall rules and policies and improve productivity with AlgoSec

Additional Network Security Policy Management Features

AlgoSec’s Network Security Policy Management Solution supports the following use-cases

Auditing and Compliance

Instantly generate audit-ready reports for all major regulations, including PCI, HIPAA, SOX, NERC and many others

Change Management

Process network security policy changes in minutes not days, and save up to 80% of the time


Define and enforce your micro-segmentation strategy inside the datacenter, and ensure that it does not block critical business services

Risk Management

Ensure that all firewall rule changes are optimally designed and implemented to reduce risk and prevent misconfigurations, while ensuring security, compliance

Digital Transformation

Discover, map and migrate application connectivity to the cloud through easy-to-use workflows, to maximize agility while ensuring security


Integrates with your current DevOps tools, practice, and methodology to enable a faster deployment of business applications into production