Network Security Management Customer Testimonials

See what our customers say about The AlgoSec Network Security Policy Management solution.

  • “The reason I chose AlgoSec is because we saw the benefits of what it would give us for the business. The time it has taken to make a change has dropped significantly”…

    Michael West - IT Security Admin
  • “It’s very easy to let security get left behind. We want to make sure that security is not a roadblock to business performance,” said Bryce. “We need to be agile and we need to make sure we can deploy systems to better support our members. Automation can really help you see that return-on-investment.”

    Stefan Bryce - Security Manager
  • “We found that mitigating issues around firewall rulesets is very resource intensive if you don’t have the right tool, so the ROI from AlgoSec stacked up pretty quickly”

    Peter Erceg – T-Mobile
  • “AlgoSec helps us maintain a problem-free environment, and because of operational efficiencies, the product paid for itself within the first year”

    Wellington Vita – BM & FBOVESPA
  • “Using AlgoSec during our data center migration allowed us to give technical project leaders access to all of the rules involved in the migration of their applications, which reduced… time on these projects by 80%.”

    Bruno Roulleau - Sanofi
  • I selected AlgoSec’s Security Management Solution because the reporting is very trust worthy, it helps reduce the operational work­load for network security administrators, and ultimately it improves performance and security.

    Stefano Ciminelli - Verizon

Why Do You Need Firewall and Network Security Management

Network security management helps you avoid costly misconfigurations, gain full visibility into your network – not only firewalls but also other devices on your network  and ensure continuous compliance. It ensures that you have clear processes and that these processes are followed, keeping  your network safe and making it easier to manage your network security. 

Network Security Policy Management Resources

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Additional Network Security Policy Management Features

AlgoSec’s Network Security Policy Management Solution supports the following use-cases


Auditing and Compliance

Instantly generate audit-ready reports for all major regulations, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, NERC and many others


Change Management

Process network security policy changes in minutes not days, and save up to 80% of the time



Define and enforce your micro-segmentation strategy to reduce your attack surface and keep the bad guys out


Firewall & Network Security Risk Management

Ensure that all firewall rule changes are optimally designed and implemented to reduce risk and prevent misconfigurations, while ensuring security and compliance


Digital Transformation

Discover, map and migrate application connectivity to the cloud through easy-to-use workflows, to maximize agility while ensuring security



Integrate with your current DevOps tools, practice, and methodology to deploy business applications faster

Choose a better way to manage your network