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AlgoSec Achieves McAfee Compatible Status in the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance

Company's Security Policy Management Suite Becomes Compatible with McAfee Firewall Enterprise for Policy Analysis, Auditing, Risk Assessment and Change Monitoring

November 27, 2012

Boston, MAAlgoSec, the market leader for Network Security Policy Management, today announced that it has integrated the AlgoSec Security Management Suite with McAfee Firewall Enterprise to provide intelligent automation of policy analysis, risk assessment, audit and compliance and change monitoring. As a result, the AlgoSec Security Management Suite has achieved McAfee Compatible status.  AlgoSec will also participate in the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Sales Teaming Program to drive more complete security solution relationships with enterprise customers.

The AlgoSec Security Management Suite simplifies and consolidates the management of complex policies from traditional and next-generation firewalls, VPNs, routers, proxies and related security devices from multiple vendors, for increased operational efficiency and tighter security. AlgoSec streamlines McAfee Firewall Enterprise operations with complete visibility and analysis of all rules, objects, and changes. Risks and their associated rules in the McAfee Firewall Enterprise policy are uncovered, prioritized, and mitigated. AlgoSec automatically generates compliance reports for the widest variety of corporate and regulatory standards, such as PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, and ISO 27001 at the click of a button, greatly reducing audit preparation cost and effort. Additionally, AlgoSec can improve McAfee Firewall Enterprise performance by discovering redundant and unused rules to eliminate policy bloat.

“Manually managing firewall policies can be time-consuming and error prone, creating significant overhead for security teams and introducing risk into network security environments,” said Nimmy Reichenberg, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, AlgoSec. “We are excited to seamlessly integrate with McAfee Firewall Enterprise and extend AlgoSec’s automation of network security policy management to McAfee customers, providing an efficient way to ensure their firewalls are securely and optimally configured.”

“We’re pleased to see AlgoSec complete McAfee compatibility testing,” said Ed Barry, vice president of the Security Innovation Alliance, McAfee. “Automating the analysis and management of network security policies is a high priority for many of our customers. The integration of AlgoSec Security Management Suite with McAfee Firewall Enterprise will enable our joint customers to reduce operational burden and costs, while reducing risk and simplifying auditing and compliance.”

McAfee Firewall Enterprise defends critical assets, such as regulated data repositories (customer, financial, and healthcare data), email and web servers, extranets, and data centers. This high-assurance firewall also offers strong next-generation firewall capabilities, including application visibility and deep application controls for defense. It delivers strong policy-based controls, blocks the latest threats, and eliminates unwanted traffic. For more information on the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance and McAfee Firewall Enterprise, please visit: and

About AlgoSec
AlgoSec is the market leader in network security policy management. AlgoSec enables security and operations teams to intelligently automate the policy management of firewalls, routers, VPNs, proxies and related security devices, improving operational efficiency, ensuring compliance and reducing risk.

More than 1000 of the world’s leading enterprises, MSSPs, auditors and consultancies rely on AlgoSec Security Management Suite for unmatched automation of firewall operations, auditing and compliance, risk analysis and the security change workflow.

AlgoSec is committed to the success of every single customer, and offers the industry’s only money-back guarantee.

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