Security bot for network security policy management tasks

AlgoBot, is an intelligent chatbot that handles network security policy management tasks for you. AlgoBot answers your questions, submitted in plain English, and personally assists with security policy change management processes – without requiring manual inputs or additional research.

With AlgoBot you can:  

  • Offload day-to-day tasks from firewall and network administrators to provide faster and more intuitive service to internal customers
  • Reduce ticket resolution time by giving the Support team the tools to ask – and get immediate answers – to security connectivity questions
  • Respond to security incidents faster and more effectively
  • Give application owners visibility into their application’s network security connectivity
  • Improve the quality and speed of application deployments by allowing DevOps to incorporate security management directly into their processes.

You can communicate with AlgoBot in English or in French, via Slack or Skype for Business, from the comfort of a chatroom or a mobile app.


Security bot for network security policy management tasks