Security Policy Management with
Professor Wool

Best Practices: Incorporating Security into DevOps

Best Practices for Incorporating Security into DevOps, is a whiteboard-style series of lessons that examine the challenges of and provide technical tips for how to incorporate security throughout the DevOps process.

Lesson 1

Best Practices for Incorporating Security Automation into the DevOps Lifecycle

In this lesson, Professor Wool examines the need for and the process of adjusting application connectivity throughout each stage of the DevOps lifecycle.

Lesson 2

Tips for Adding Capacity Without Changing Your Security Policies

In theory adding capacity should be fairly straightforward, with minimal need for any intervention by the organization’s security team. But in practice it’s a little more complex. In this video Professor Wool provides some tips and best practices to help you add capacity without having to change your security policies, complete a security review or worse still, cause an outage or gap in the security perimeter.

Lesson 3

How to Integrate Security into the Test Environment

In a typical DevOps scenario development team adds new functionality to an existing business application and then rolls it out into production. However, while the new functionality worked as planned in both the test and pre-production environments, the application then fails when moved into the live production environment. In this video, Professor Wool will discuss the reasons why this process went wrong, and how you can fix it.

Lesson 4

How to Integrate Security into the CI Process

In previous lessons Professor Wool discussed how building security into DevOps processes at an early stage helps organizations maximize the speed and agility of application development, while minimizing the risks of problems and outages when the applications go live. In this whiteboard video Professor Wool looks at how security automation helps to speed up the practice of Continuous Integration (CI) - a core element of DevOps.

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