Security Policy Management with
Professor Wool

Managing Business Application Connectivity

Managing Business Application Connectivity is a whiteboard-style series of lessons that examine the challenges of and provide technical tips for provisioning and decommissioning application connectivity across enterprise networks and data centers.

Lesson 1

Examining the Need for Application-Centric Security Policy Management

In this lesson, Professor Wool examines the challenges of managing data center applications and their connectivity requirements. Professor Wool also offers tips for bridging the gap between application owners and network and security teams - to ensure faster, more secure deployment, maintenance and decommissioning of critical applications.

Lesson 2

How to Prioritize Risk from the Business Perspective

In this lesson, Professor Wool discusses how to look at and prioritize network security vulnerabilities in a new way - from the perspective of the business applications in your data center.

Lesson 3

Tips to Discover Business Application Connectivity Requirements

In this lesson, Professor Wool examines how to leverage firewall rules for discovering the connectivity requirements of data center applications.

Lesson 4

Tips for Secure Decommissioning of Business Applications

In this lesson, Professor Wool examines the challenges of decommissioning business applications and offers recommendations for improving security without impacting network operations by removing firewall rules that are no longer in use.

Lesson 5

How to Automatically Identify Business Application Connectivity Needs from Network Traffic

Lesson 6

The Different Data Sources for Application Connectivity Discovery

Lesson 7

How to Aggregate Network Flows Into Application Flows

Lesson 8

The Benefits of Mapping Firewall Rules to Business Applications

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