Security Policy Management with
Professor Wool


Implementing a micro-segmentation strategy in the data center blocks lateral movement and helps protect the organization from cyberthreats. Watch this whiteboard video series on micro-segmentation and learn why and how to segment the data center, how to future-proof your policies and about the ongoing maintenance of a micro-segmented data center.

Lesson 1

Introduction to Micro-segmentation

In this video, Prof. Wool introduces micro-segmentation: reasons for segmenting the data center, challenges, required steps when deploying a micro-segmentation strategy, and how to future-proof your policies.

Lesson 2

Micro-segmentation – Mapping Existing Applications

Watch Prof. Wool as he shares tips on how to prepare for network segmentation by identifying the segment borders.

Lesson 3

Micro-segmentation – Defining Logical Segments

Watch this Prof. Wool video to learn how to define logical segments within a micro-segmentation project.

Lesson 4

Micro-segmentation – Generating a Filtering Policy

In this video, Prof. Wool demonstrates how to generate a filtering policy during a micro-segmentation project.

Lesson 5

Micro-segmentation Ongoing Maintenance

Watch this Prof. Wool video to learn about the ongoing maintenance of your data center upon completion of a micro-segmentation project.

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