Secure Application Connectivity, anywhere

Secure your application delivery pipeline

Your organization needs to move fast and deliver applications quickly, but without compromising on security. Security threats are increasing, while apps need to be delivered at a rapid pace. This puts pressure on your organization and application delivery pipeline.

All stages in the application delivery pipeline need to work smoothly. If there’s one broken link in the chain, the pipeline bursts, and both agility and security are sacrificed.

With the AlgoSec platform, your connectivity and security policies are covered to ensure that you can securely accelerate your application delivery. The AlgoSec platform automates application connectivity and security policy across the hybrid network estate, including public cloud, private cloud, containers, and on-premises networks.

How does it work?

AlgoSec sits at the heart of the security network and integrates with the leading network security, clouds, application-dependency vendors, and DevOps solutions. Additionally, AlgoSec uses its unique IP technology to complete the security picture by listening to the network, associate firewall rules with specific applications, and prevent compliance violations.

Put your applications first

Securely provisioning new application connectivity for greenfield deployments is challenging. That’s why the AlgoSec platform integrates with CI/CD pipelines & DevOps solutions. Don’t miss application dependencies with your brownfield deployment. The AlgoSec platform intelligently analyzes and discovers application dependencies across your already-deployed applications.

Securely deploy across your entire network

Your network is hybrid. Your application delivery pipeline should be as well. The AlgoSec platform then uses intelligent automation to deploy network security policies to support your business application connectivity across your entire hybrid network including your cloud, SDN, and on-premises network.

Reduce risk in your application delivery pipeline

You don’t want to introduce risk or vulnerabilities into your application pipeline. And discovering risk late in the process delays releases and increases costs. It’s time to shift left. AlgoSec enables testing and QA for app developers and app owners, allowing them to plan and assess risk and vulnerability posture early in the CI/CD pipeline, visualize and manage application connectivity changes and segmentation, and enable shift-left.

Always be compliant

Spend less time preparing for audits while staying continuously compliant. AlgoSec helps you remain compliant with audit-ready compliance reports covering internal standards and major international regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO/IEC 27001. Identify compliance gaps across your entire hybrid network, so you can stay continuously in compliance. Identify exactly which application and security policy is potentially non-compliant.

The AlgoSec platform

Our platform is the complete solution for delivering secure application connectivity and security policy.

Firewall Analyzer

See the whole picture

Discover, identify, and map business applications across your entire hybrid network.


Automated and secure policy change

Process security changes in a fraction of the time by automating the entire security policy change process.

AlgoSec Cloud

Complete hybrid network security policy management

Across cloud, SDN, on-premises, and anything in between – one platform to manage it all.

Join leading companies

The AlgoSec technology partner ecosystem


Centrally manage multi-vendor network security policies across your entire hybrid network.


Seamlessly integrate with your existing orchestration systems, ITSM systems, SIEM/SOAR, vulnerability scanners, and more – all from a single platform.

About AlgoSec

AlgoSec is a global cybersecurity company and the industry’s only application connectivity and security policy management expert. With almost two decades of leadership in Network Security Policy Management, over 1,800 of the world’s most complex organizations trust AlgoSec to help secure their most critical workloads across public cloud, private cloud, containers, and on-premises networks.