CloudFlow for Microsoft Azure

CloudFlow for Microsoft Azure

Cloud security policy and configuration management made simple

As organizations adopt cloud strategies and migrate applications to Microsoft Azure and other clouds to take advantage of economies of scale, they face new levels of complexity and risk to their security posture. Security controls and network architectures in Azure are distinct from those found in on-premise data centers. Customers of Azure services often do not know how to use them securely.

AlgoSec CloudFlow enables effective management of the security control layers across the hybrid and multi-cloud estate, including Microsoft Azure.

Cloud security main challenges

IT and Security staffs find it difficult to create and maintain security in the cloud due to:

  • Complexity of multiple layers of security controls including
    • Cloud providers’ built-in configurations that impact security posture, such as IAM permissions, encryption state, security groups, public/private permissions, asset types like databases, storage and accounts, as well as configuration types like deployment location, networks ACLs, and Misconfigurations can result in security risks across various assets, including IaaS, PaaS and accounts.
    • Security products by cloud providers with many different mechanisms and operational rules and techniques like Azure
    • Security products by independent security vendors (e.g., Next Generation Firewalls by Check Point and Palo Alto Networks).
  • Multiple public clouds along with private clouds and on-premise Security professionals are challenged by the need to understand the differences in the technologies while managing them separately using multiple consoles and diverse tools.

Multiple stakeholders managing the security in the cloud. Unlike on-prem networks where policies are typically managed by security teams, in the cloud, other stakeholders (application developers, DevOps, cloud teams) manage changes to cloud configurations and security rules, challenging consistency and control, and increasing the risk of misconfigurations

All cloud security under a single umbrella

AlgoSec CloudFlow enables effective security management of the various security-control layers across the multi-cloud estate. CloudFlow’s central management provides instant visibility, risk assessment and compliance analysis, enabling enforcement of company and regulatory policies, and proactive detection of misconfigurations

Manage your Microsoft Azure security environment

When used in conjunction with AlgoSec’s Firewall Analyzer and FireFlow, customers benefit from a hybrid approach, spanning on-premise, SDN and legacy network security.

Continuous Visibility. Always know about the assets that require protection and the multiple security constructs and configurations protecting them. Monitor changes to the cloud configuration and the potential risk of each change.

Risk management and compliance. Enforce company and regulatory policies while verifying adherence to best practices. Proactively detect misconfigurations in access, permissions and other configurations to protect cloud assets, including cloud accounts, VMs, storage, databases and more.

Automated central management of security policies. Manage network security controls (Network Security Groups, etc.) in one system across multiple accounts, regions and VNETs. Leverage a uniform network model and change- management framework that covers the hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

Azure Firewall

AlgoSec delivers an intuitive and effective central management solution for Azure Firewall, Microsoft’s cloud-native, scalable network and application firewall. Users can consistently manage multiple instances of Azure Firewalls across regions and multiple Azure accounts.

Quick deployment

CloudFlow is an agentless SaaS solution and is easy to deploy in minutes. It offers immediate ROI and significant security improvements.

Key Business Benefits

  • Enhanced visibility across the entire hybrid and multi-cloud estate
  • Improved cloud-security posture to avoid breaches
  • Automatic compliance assurance with constant audit-readiness
  • Secure change management at the speed of cloud deployment
  • Reduced manual labor, errors and associated risks and costs

CloudFlow Advantages

  • Unified view of the entire network, hybrid and multi-cloud estates from a single console
  • Simplified management of complex multi-layered cloud security controls
  • Automatic risk detection and recommended best practices
  • Avoidance of false alarms – risk analysis takes into consideration all security constructs
  • Business-driven security

Comprehensive and Unified Security for Heterogeneous Environments

AlgoSec  seamlessly integrates with all leading brands of traditional and next-generation firewalls and cloud security controls as well as routers, load balancers, web proxies and SIEMsolutions, to deliver unified security policy management across any

hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, SDN andon-premise network. Additional devices can be added via the AlgoSec Extension  Framework.