Securing & managing hybrid network security

Securing & managing hybrid network security

Across cloud, SDN, on-premises and anything in between – one platform to manage it all.

Making changes was easy with on-premises data centers. Your applications were secured behind lock and key, guarded by physical firewalls in easily-accessible locations. Today, your network doesn’t just live in one place. There are multiple public clouds and private clouds in addition to on-premises network devices. Security controls are a “black box” and your application connectivity crosses multiple borders. This complexity makes it difficult for organizations to securely accelerate application connectivity across their entire network.

Main Challenges of Hybrid Cloud Security

IT and Security staff find it difficult to maintain hybrid network security and deliver application connectivity due to:

  • Lack of network and application visibility – Struggling with visibility into their network’s security policies and associated applications. Understanding the network structures and application flow paths is a challenge.
  • Manual and siloed compliance process – The security audit process is manual. Documentation requirements are complex. Getting a complete view of the compliance status of the entire network is difficult. Audits are point-in-time but regulations require continuous compliance.
  • Potential for network risks – Difficulty in identifying risky rules, such as unused, duplicate, overlapping, or expired rules, and understanding which applications may be impacted. Removing the wrong rule may lead to a data breach or outage.
  • Complex manual change processes – Making changes to application connectivity is slow. Assessing the risk of changes is difficult, yet misconfigurations can cause outages and disrupt business. Changes involve teams speaking different languages with different objectives.

Key Business Benefits

  • Securely deliver applications faster.
  • Enhance visibility across your entire hybrid network.
  • Ensure changes adhere to internal and regulatory standards.
  • Manage security posture and reduce configuration risks.
  • Process network security policy changes in minutes not days.
  • Avoid errors, rework, and application outages.

AlgoSec Advantages

  • Visibility into the applications on your network, so you can request changes at the application level.
  • Unified view of the entire on-premises and multi-cloud estate from a single console.
  • Manage multiple layers of security controls and proactively detect misconfigurations.
  • Minimize the attack surface by identifying risks and helping to mitigate them.
  • Match network policy risks to your applications to better understand the impact and prioritize remediation.
  • Identify unused security rules so you have the confidence to remove them.

Manage the Entire Hybrid Security Environment

The AlgoSec platform helps organizations securely accelerate application delivery by automating application connectivity and security policy across the hybrid network estate, including public cloud, private cloud, containers, and on-premises networks.

Enable application visibility — Get a full network map of your entire hybrid network security estate. Ensure application discovery across your entire estate and identify your application dependencies. Manage next-generation security policies and cloud security groups alongside traditional firewalls. Get instant visibility of your cloud assets and security controls. Pinpoint and troubleshoot network connectivity issues.

Mitigate risks and detect misconfigurations – Easily identify risky security policy rules, the assets and applications they expose, and whether they are in use. Proactively detect misconfigurations to protect cloud assets, including cloud instances, databases, and serverless functions.

Achieve continuous compliance – On-going monitoring of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud network-security configuration changes to avoid compliance violations. Identify which applications introduce compliance risk. Automated and audit-ready compliance reports for major global regulations and internal standards.

Automate changes intelligently – Cut application delivery bottlenecks with intelligent application change automation. Using zero-touch automation, security policies can be automated from implementation all the way through validating that the changes work exactly as intended.

Migrate applications easily – Simplify the complex process of migrating business applications by automatically discovering, mapping, and migrating connectivity configurations with firewalls and security groups. Identify flows serving your applications and track them to security policy. This makes it possible to enable network provisioning as part of your cloud migration.

About AlgoSec

AlgoSec, a global cybersecurity leader, empowers organizations to securely accelerate application delivery by automating application connectivity and security policy, anywhere. The AlgoSec platform enables the world’s most complex organizations to gain visibility, reduce risk, and process changes at zero-touch across the hybrid network.

Over 1,800 of the world’s leading organizations trust AlgoSec to help secure their most critical workloads across public cloud, private cloud, containers, and on-premises networks, while taking advantage of almost two decades of leadership in Network Security Policy Management.

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