Modernize your network with Cisco Nexus & ACI

Modernize your network with Cisco Nexus & ACI

If you still have Cisco Nexus 7000 devices in your environment, surely you have been inundated with end-of-life warnings and next-gen messaging touting the benefits of upgrading to Nexus 9000.

Cisco Nexus 9000 offers cloud-scale technology, open and extensible programming with robust APIs, real-time analytics and telemetry, advanced centralized management, and full-stack automation and security with Cisco ACI and AlgoSec.

There are clear benefits to modernizing your network, embracing digital transformation, and taking advantage of the full power of Cisco Nexus and Cisco ACI, and now you could add a whole new dimension to these and realize a higher ROI by also managing your network security.

Cisco has partnered with AlgoSec to help companies modernize their network and take advantage of the full capabilities of Cisco Nexus and Cisco ACI, so customers can realize their ROI by addressing their applications network security needs when migrating from Nexus 7000 to Nexus 9000.

Cover security while modernizing your network

Modernizing your network using Nexus 9000 and the AlgoSec Security Management Suite empowers a secure digital transformation so you can cover your entire networking needs.
The solution unlocks Cisco ACI’s potential by providing full visibility, automation, compliance, and microsegmentation capabilities from AlgoSec. With the joint solution, companies gain software-defined security for their software-defined network and entire multi-vendor hybrid network.

Application-centric security

With AlgoSec your application’s secure networking configurations can be migrated from Nexus to Cisco ACI in application centric mode — providing improved agility and manageability, along with new capabilities for risk and compliance. The integration of Cisco ACI with the AlgoSec Security Management Suite is a complete solution, enabling your organization with full visibility, visualization, and automation for the connected security of your entire network — including advanced change management, and detailed reporting capabilities.

Enterprise-wide visibility & automation

AlgoSec complements and expands Nexus 9000’s capabilities, offering full visibility into your entire hybrid multi-vendor network, network security policy automation, compliance, and security policy enforcement.

Security policy changes can be implemented automatically on your network with zero-touch automation. The intelligent automation workflow automatically pushes security policy changes to your entire network and enables automated deployment of contracts, EPGs, and filters on Cisco ACI. Connectivity can also be deployed at the business application level. This allows companies to use a single process to deploy security policies across their entire data center.

Gain native visibility into your Cisco ACI network topology while tying the ACI fabric into the rest of the data center. AlgoSec provides a complete network topology map for your entire network. Users can search across multi-site Cisco ACI estates for tenants, endpoints, contracts, EPGs, and more.

Proactive & continuous compliance

Get a complete picture of your compliance posture so that you can be confident in your network’s compliance. AlgoSec generates automatic audit-ready compliance reports on your entire hybrid network, including Cisco ACI tenants, for major regulations, flags issues upon changes, uncovers gaps, and even remediates problems, ensuring continuous compliance over your entire network.

Enforce micro-segmentation policies over your entire network

Enforce Cisco Secure Workload-enforced micro-segmentation policies beyond the native software and hardware sensors, extending segmentation policies to all supported on-premises, cloud, and SDN technologies. In cases where Cisco Secure Workload alone cannot enforce micro-segmentation policies on workloads, AlgoSec can orchestrate the micro-segmentation policies as firewall rules. Therefore, you can maintain unified security policies across your entire network environment.

See it in action

Convinced that it is time to harness the full power of migrating to Nexus 9000? Schedule a personal demo to see how AlgoSec makes the transition flawless.