Application & Service Delivery

Do you struggle with

  • Application outages due to misconfigured network devices?
  • Identifying and documenting connectivity flows for business applications?
  • Communicating effectively with the network and security teams to implement connectivity changes in a timely fashion?
  • Assessing the impact of connectivity changes on application availability, security and compliance?
  • Understanding security risks from the business application perspective?
  • Migrating your application’s network connectivity to the cloud or to another data center?

AlgoSec’s business-driven approach to security policy management enables you to communicate effectively with the security and network operations teams to ensure secure connectivity and business agility.

With AlgoSec you can

  • Auto-discover applications and their connectivity flows – without requiring any prior knowledge
  • Get a live map of connectivity requirements that’s always up to date
  • Request application connectivity requirements in non-technical terms
  • Easily assess the impact of changes on application connectivity, security and compliance
  • Migrate connectivity to a new data center or to the cloud through easy-to-use workflows

Think you know your network like the back of your hand?

Let us surprise you!

The Business Impact

  • Provision network connectivity for business applications in minutes not days
  • Avoid business application outages
  • Simplify application and data center migrations
  • Streamline communications with the security and network operations teams
  • Drive business agility while ensuring security and compliance across the data center


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