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Do you struggle with

  • Getting the Security team to focus on protecting critical business processes instead of broadly protecting all servers and data?
  • Avoiding business application outages due to misconfigured security devices
  • Accelerating business transformation to public cloud and SDN
  • Bridging silos: fostering collaboration across the application delivery and security teams
  • Hiring and the limited availability of skilled employees?
  • Bringing security into DevOps to accelerate application delivery
  • Ensuring continuous compliance with industry regulations

AlgoSec delivers holistic, business-level visibility across cloud and on-premise environments, including business processes, the business applications that power them, the servers that host them, and their connectivity flows. With intelligent, zero-touch automation AlgoSec discovers business application connectivity, proactively assesses risk from the business perspective, and processes policy changes.  AlgoSec’s business-driven approach to security policy management enables you to reduce business risk, ensure security and continuous compliance, and drive business agility.

With AlgoSec you can

  • Get a single pane of glass to manage security uniformly across cloud and on-premise networks
  • Auto-discover business applications and their connectivity flows without requiring any prior knowledge
  • Automate security policy management to process changes at the “speed of cloud”
  • Proactively assess the impact of network changes on application connectivity, security and compliance
  • Bridge the silos: allow business owners to request connectivity in non-technical terms and automatically translate them to networking terms
  • Migrate connectivity to the cloud/new data center through easy-to-use workflows
  • Get risk assessment and compliance reporting for the entire hybrid environment

Think you know your network like the back of your hand?

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The Business Impact

  • Enable a business-driven approach to security management
  • View and prioritize risk from the business perspective
  • Avoid costly business application outages
  • Reduce the attack surface to help prevent cyber-attacks
  • Accelerate secure DevOps and business transformation to the public cloud and SDN
  • Help address the security talent shortage through intelligent automation
  • Ensure continuous compliance across the entire enterprise
  • Foster collaboration between security, networking and application delivery teams


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