Incident response

Time is not on your side when managing security for a global enterprise and facing down a relentless barrage of cyber attacks. So when confronted with multiple suspect alerts flagged by your SIEM solution, you need a way to easily sift through and identify the attacks that will most likely impact key business processes and quickly take action – before they impact your business and its reputation.

Tie Incident Response to Business Processes, Prioritize and Automate Remediation

Through a seamless integration with the leading SIEM solutions, the AlgoSec Security Policy Management solution ties security incidents directly to the actual business processes that are or potentially will be impacted, including the applications, servers, network and traffic flows, and security devices. Once identified, AlgoSec can neutralize the attack by automatically isolating any compromised or vulnerable servers from the network.

With AlgoSec you can

  • Automatically associate security incidents with applications, servers and network connectivity flows
  • Highlight the criticality of business applications impacted by the threat
  • Automatically isolate compromised servers from the network
  • Identify network connectivity to/from a compromised server on a visual, interactive map
  • Plot the lateral movement of the threat across the network
  • Notify stakeholders to coordinate threat remediation efforts
  • Get a full audit trail to assist with cyber threat forensics and compliance reporting

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The Business Impact

  • Augment threat analysis with critical business context to assess the severity, risk and potential business impact of an attack
  • Prioritize incident remediation efforts based on business risk
  • Immediately neutralize impacted systems through zero-touch automation
  • Limit the lateral movement of an attacker in, out and across your network
  • Reduce the time and cost of mitigating a threat by orders or magnitude
  • Keep all stakeholders involved in the remediation process to reduce disruption to the business


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