Managed security service providers (MSSPs)

In this era of digital transformation, where cloud and Software Defined Network (SDN) initiatives add even more pressure on limited security staff, companies are turning to MSSPs to help them cost-effectively manage their security in a way that protects their organizations while driving business agility. Yet network security management is one of the most complex, labor-intensive tasks, and MSSPs seeking a competitive advantage are utilizing automation solutions to streamline these operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Business-Driven Security Policy Management for MSSPs

AlgoSec’s business-driven approach to security policy management helps MSSPs attract, onboard and retain customers. Through its intelligent automation, AlgoSec’s security policy management solution uniquely helps align business agility with security to make your customers more secure, more compliant and more agile all the time. Using AlgoSec, MSSPs can command higher margins on network security policy management services, offer additional value-add services to customers and quickly become experts in any environment.

With AlgoSec you can

  • Uniformly manage complex network security policies across customers’ heterogeneous on premise and cloud networks
  • Auto-discover your customer’s applications and their connectivity flows and migrate them to the cloud
  • Proactively assess and manage risk from the business application perspective
  • Intelligently automate the entire security policy change process – with zero touch
  • Provide compliance verification services for all major regulations, including PCI, HIPAA, SOX, NERC and many others
  • Easily demonstrate compliance with service level agreements, through customizable dashboards
  • Integrate AlgoSec reports into existing MSSP portals

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The Business Impact

  • Utilize industry-leading automation to deliver a tighter, compliant security policy to your customers
  • Make security policy changes in minutes not days
  • Avoid business application outages caused by manual errors
  • Streamline your sales process, demonstrate value quickly and ensure customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce costs through a fast ramp-up, and reduce reliance on customer’s internal knowledge
  • Streamline the regulatory audit preparation process and ensure a successful outcome


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