Security risk and compliance

Do you struggle with

  • Understanding and assessing risk in your firewall policies?
  • Tying network risks and vulnerabilities to business applications?
  • Time-consuming audits due to poorly understood and documented rulesets?
  • Enforcing and maintaining effective network segmentation?
  • Maintaining a clean and optimized network security policy that reduces the attack surface?
  • Ensuring the network operations team manages changes in accordance with the security policy?

AlgoSec’s business-driven approach to network security policy management enables you to mitigate risk and ensure continuous compliance across your enterprise.

With AlgoSec you can

  • Generate audit-ready reports for all major regulations, including PCI, HIPAA, SOX, NERC and many others, at a click of a button
  • Provide a single pane of glass for unified network security policy management across cloud and on-premise networks
  • Proactively assess every policy change request for risk and compliance violations before it is implemented
  • Intelligently automate network security changes to reduce risk of device misconfiguration
  • Automatically discover risky traffic flows
  • Safely remove firewall rules when business applications are decommissioned without impacting other applications

Think you know your network like the back of your hand?

Let us surprise you!

The Business Impact

  • Reduce the attack surface to help prevent cyber-attacks
  • Reduce the costs and risks of regulatory and internal audits
  • Ensure continuous compliance
  • Provide unified visibility across the enterprise


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