Build and Enforce Defense in-Depth | An AlgoSec-Cisco Tetration webinar

July 22, 2020
Yoni Geva
Product Manager
Jothi Prakash Prabakaran
Senior Product Manager at Cisco

Micro-segmentation protects your workloads and applications against lateral movement of malware and limits the spread of insider threats, yet successfully implementing a defense-in-depth strategy using micro-segmentation is complicated. In this technical webinar, Jothi Prakash Prabakaran, Senior Product Manager at Cisco, and Yoni Geva, Product Manager at AlgoSec, will provide a step-by-step blueprint to implementing this strategy using the micro-segmentation capabilities of Cisco Tetration and network security policy management capabilities of AlgoSec.

They will demonstrate how to tighten your security posture within the data center using an allow-list approach. They will also show how to enforce these granular micro-segmented policies enforced on the workloads with Cisco Tetration and a coarse grain policy enforced across the infrastructure through AlgoSec network security policy management.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

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Introducing Deeper Integration with Cisco’s Tetration

Introducing Deeper Integration with Cisco’s Tetration

Latest updates to AlgoSec solution give even closer, real-time control and security management across organizations’ Cisco deployments and their wider network estates Both AlgoSec and Cisco share a similar vision and attitude in focusing on application and security policies to provide end-to-end automation and agile service delivery to enterprises. With this mutual application-centric approach to network security management, our integration aligns closely with business strategies that benefit our enterprise customers - enabling them to accelerate deployments and manage security across their diverse network environments. As a valued Cisco technology partner, we have worked together to introduce a series of updates to the Cisco Tetration Analytics platform. By accessing Cisco’s huge development capacity, we are able to make enhancements that offer real value to mutual customers, taking the integration between AlgoSec and Cisco even deeper to deliver a truly holistic solution. Why integrate AlgoSec with Tetration? In some cases, a customer would choose Cisco and rely on Tetration Analytics and ACI to manage their network and network security with little or no need to use an external solution. However, most enterprise environments are likely to have hybrid network estates, with on premise data center, ACI and cloud networks utilizing solutions from a range of vendors. In this scenario, organizations’ IT, security and networking teams need a way to tie the automation of the different devices they have at their disposal into their Cisco ACI deployment. Cisco’s Tetration Analytics platform is designed to manage highly complex and ever-changing business networks through machine learning, behavior analysis and algorithmic approaches. It performs automatic application discovery by utilizing hardware and software sensors and machine-learning analytics. Once connectivity and dependency mapping is created by Tetration, the AlgoSec solution then takes this information and ties it into the enterprise’s wider network security infrastructure (whether on-premise or in the cloud) – automatically tagging security policies on every device, platform and technology that support critical business applications. AlgoSec also allows users to manage security tasks with business impact in mind, linking the application with detected security risks, vulnerabilities and compliance gaps. By integrating the AlgoSec solution with the abundant capabilities of Cisco ACI and Tetration Analytics, our customers can build a comprehensive map of their entire network estate, including all devices from multiple vendors. They can then use the Tetration Analytics platform to discover and map application flows, automate security policy changes, ensure compliance and assess and prioritize risk across their estates. Closer, real-time integration The integration between AlgoSec and Cisco Tetration Analytics platform creates a single source of truth for application connectivity policies across all network environments, and helps eliminate inconsistencies and tedious troubleshooting, supporting continuous compliance with a fully documented audit trail of every change. And now we’ve made that integration even closer. A key new feature in our Tetration integration offering is the ability for users to automate data importing from the Cisco Tetration Analytics platform to the AlgoSec solution, rather than by manual import. This gives users automatic, near real-time updates across their entire network, making it possible to identify what users have done, what changes have occurred, and judge if the changes make sense or if they need to be rectified as a priority. The updates to the platform are also complementary to the solutions AlgoSec currently provides; not only can we automate and validate changes on a security and policy level but now, we can do it at the application level too. With this enhanced integration, our mutual customers get closer control over changes made both within the ACI estate and elsewhere on the enterprise network and gain a greater oversight of their environment with both real-time integration and historical analysis capabilities. It gives users an opportunity to exploit the information that is contained in Tetration as populated by its users, and get the same information from the AlgoSec solution to put that at the disposal of those controlling the Cisco estate. With greater automation, control and visibility of applications outside of the Cisco deployment, AlgoSec is able to deliver a win/win solution for customers by giving them a business-centric view of their security posture across their entire infrastructure. Want to hear more about AlgoSec’s integration with Tetration? Contact Us.

AlgoSec Joins Cisco’s Global Price List

AlgoSec Joins Cisco’s Global Price List

Cisco partners and customers get even easier access to integrated, application-centric security management both within and outside their ACI data centers AlgoSec and Cisco share the same business-driven, application-centric security management philosophy:  we both focus on enabling automation and supporting agile application delivery for enterprises.  We have been a Cisco technology partner for many years, and have developed integrated solutions that extend Cisco ACI’s policy-based automation across all enterprise networks, both inside and outside of virtualized data centers.  security management philosophy:  we both focus on enabling automation and supporting agile application delivery for enterprises.  We have been a Cisco technology partner for many years, and have developed integrated solutions that extend Cisco ACI’s policy-based automation across all enterprise networks, both inside and outside of virtualized data centers.  And we’re delighted to announce that we are taking this shared vision a stage further:  our solutions are now available on the Cisco Global Price List.  This means that members of Cisco’s own sales force as well as its reseller eco-system can now offer AlgoSec solutions to their customers through Cisco’s systems.  AlgoSec’s strong integrations with Cisco’s ACI, Firewalls, Tetration, ISE and SDA deliver powerful benefits to our mutual customers. Using AlgoSec, customers can fully automate security change management processes across their Cisco ACI environments – from planning, risk and compliance checks, to deployment directly onto security devices – with zero touch.  AlgoSec also extends ACI’s policy-based automation to all network security devices, both inside and outside the data center, enabling customers to maintain a consistently strong security posture across their entire network estate. Security teams can also automatically generate a full range of risk and compliance reports covering their organization’s entire network – saving them significant time and effort when it comes to audit preparation. AlgoSec’s close integration with the rich capabilities of Cisco’s Tetration Analytics platform enables customers to use our solution to build a physical and logical map of their entire network estate, including all security devices from multiple vendors.  Then, through the integration, network and security teams can discover and map application flows, automate security policy changes end-to-end, ensure compliance, and assess risk across their estates according to business needs and priorities.  Through our partnership with Cisco, mutual customers benefit from software-defined security across their hybrid network environment. AlgoSec Security Management Solution for ACI ensures continuous compliance and automates provisioning of security policies not just across the ACI fabric, but also across multi-vendor security devices connected to ACI, helping customers to build truly secure data centers. The solution is based on Cisco APIC and ASMS integration to delivers a powerful multi-tenant, policy-driven, application-centric model for network security. Why not find out more about how AlgoSec can harmonize the security management of your ACI deployment alongside the rest of your network, to deliver consistent security policy management and visibility across data centers and clouds?  Watch our video or download the Infographic for details.