Firewalls Ablaze? Put Out Network Security Audit & Compliance Fires

Tal Dayan
Product Manager

The growing body of regulations and standards forces enterprises to put considerable emphasis on compliance verified by ad hoc and regular auditing of security policies and controls. While regulatory and internal audits entail a wide range of security checks, network firewalls are featured prominently as they are the first line of defense of the enterprise network.

Typical networks might include tens or hundreds of firewalls from multiple vendors running thousands of rules. Auditing firewalls for compliance is becoming more complex and demanding all the time. Documentation of current rules and their evolution of changes is lacking

Time and resources required to find, organize and inspect all the firewall rules to determine the level of compliance is exorbitant and growing

It’s time to adopt auditing’s best practices to maintain continuous compliance. Join us in this webinar to discover the Firewall Audit Checklist, the 6 best practices that will ensure successful audits and full compliance. By adopting these best practices, security teams will significantly improve their network’s security posture and reduce the pain of ensuring compliance with regulations, industry standards and corporate policies.

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Firewall audit checklist for security policy rules review

Six best practices for simplifying firewall auditing and compliance, and reducing risk.