Optimize your Juniper Investment with Intelligent Network Security Automation

March 24, 2020
Max Shirshov

Are you maximizing all the capabilities that your Juniper solutions offer? Expand its potential and maximize your ROI. Discover how to secure your homogeneous and multi-vendor network with intelligent automation.

In this webinar, Max Shirshov, EMEA Solutions Architect at AlgoSec, will demonstrate how to assess risk and audit the firewall estate for regulatory compliance, address security breaches caused by misconfigured network devices, and provide fast and efficient change management utilizing the AlgoSec Security Management solution for your Juniper devices.

Join the webinar to learn how to:

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The Juniper Networks Vulnerability Does Not Change Network Security Fundamentals

The Juniper Networks Vulnerability Does Not Change Network Security Fundamentals

By now, you have probably heard about the malicious code that was discovered in Juniper’s Netscreen ScreenOS. This serious vulnerability which could enable attackers to take complete control of Juniper NetScreen firewalls running the affected software made headline news, and for good reason. Naturally, the first thing you should do is check to see if you have affected firewalls in your network and patch them. (AlgoSec Customers, check your inbox for a note that outlines how the AlgoSec Risk Profiles address this issue). Eventually the panic will subside, and the media will ultimately shift its focus to the next inevitable security flaw or breach. But you are left with a network to protect – so it’s important to understand that this incident does not put a dent in network security fundamentals. 95% of firewall breaches are STILL the result of misconfiguration, not firewall flaws. This statistic by Gartner still rings true. It is important to understand that in order to be exploited by this vulnerability an organization had to: Run Juniper Firewalls affected by this vulnerability Be attacked by someone that was aware of this vulnerability and knew how to exploit it. This is not a very large subset of the organizations out there. Now compare this subset to the number of organizations that regularly misconfigure their firewalls (which of course can happen with every vendor’s firewall, not just Juniper firewalls). You know, that ANY/ANY rule you put in place “temporarily” to quickly fix a connectivity issue, the Telnet access you gave to your contractor and forgot to remove – do I need to go on? These vulnerabilities can be easily exploited by any hacker, not just the ultra- sophisticated ones who planted the malicious code on ScreenOS. So the fact remains that sound security policy management is still the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to protecting your network. One brand of firewall is STILL a best practice for most enterprises. This is a title from a Gartner research paper dating back to 2012. Should the Juniper vulnerability bring back the old notion that using two firewall brands are more secure? The theory behind this outdated practice is that a vulnerability in one firewall brand cannot be exploited in a different brand. This is true of course - in theory. But in practice, having two different firewall platforms greatly increases the aforementioned configuration and management problems – far outweighing the theoretical benefits. However, many companies out there are forced into a mixed environment. This can be the result of mergers and acquisition, legacy purchases or the cost and complexity of upgrading the entire firewall estate in one swoop. This is where a firewall policy management solution which can analyze multiple firewall vendors including cloud security controls in a single pane and using the same processes can make a world of a difference. This latest flaw is yet another reminder to all of us that security requires unrelenting effort and focus. The breach or vulnerability du jour may change frequently – but security fundamentals rarely do.

Firewall analyzer

AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer - Complete Network Visibility for Your Network Security Policy Management

AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer delivers visibility and analysis of complex network security policies across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks. It automates and simplifies security operations including troubleshooting, auditing, and risk analysis. Using Firewall Analyzer, security and operations teams can optimize the configuration of firewalls, routers, web proxies, and related network infrastructure to ensure security and compliance. With the AlgoSec AppViz add-on, all business applications are discovered, identified, and mapped, providing critical security information regarding the firewalls and firewall rules supporting each connectivity flow.

Provide Complete Visibility into Your Hybrid Network

AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer lets you:
  • Visualize complex networks with a dynamic network topology map
  • Automatically discover applications and services
  • Map, clean up, and optimize applications and firewall rulesets
  • Identify and Mitigate risks and associate them to business applications
  • Define and enforce network segmentation
  • Reduce firewall auditing time and costs by up to 80% with automated compliance reports

Instantly Visualize Your Network Security Policy

Firewall Analyzer automatically pulls information from a wide range of devices to generate an interactive network topology map of the entire heterogeneous network. Through this map you can understand the impact of network security policies on traffic, quickly troubleshoot connectivity issues, plan changes and perform “what-if” traffic queries. Visualization of network Security Policy

Automatically Discover Applications and Services

AlgoSec AutoDiscovery is an innovative technology that automatically identifies all your enterprise applications and services and their connectivity flows, and quickly generates an up-to- date connectivity map of your applications — without requiring any prior knowledge or manual configuration by your security, networking or applications experts. It provides full visibility of your network security environment, including firewalls and the firewall rules that determine network traffic.

Map, Clean Up, and Optimize Applications and their Associated Firewall Rulesets

Firewall rules support applications or processes that require network connectivity to and from specific servers, users and networks. Firewall Analyzer with AppViz automatically associates the relevant business applications that each firewall rule supports, enabling you to review the firewall rules quickly and easily. Firewall Analyzer then provides a wide range of actionable recommendations to help you clean up and optimize the security policy. With AppViz, you can tie firewall rule sets to the applications that connect to it, cleaning up rules that connect to unused or decommissioned applications. Firewall Analyzer can uncover unused, duplicate, overlapping or expired rules, consolidate and reorder rules, and tighten overly permissive “ANY” rules, without impacting business requirements.

Identify and Mitigate Risky Firewall Rules and Discover and Associate Vulnerabilities to Business Applications

Prioritize your risk based on what your business values most — the applications that power it. Firewall Analyzer discovers and prioritizes all risks and their associated rules and associated applications in your network security policy. Firewall Analyzer relies upon the broadest risk knowledge base, which includes industry regulations and best practices, as well as customized corporate policies, to ensure that all risks are uncovered. Automatically integrate and map vulnerabilities from the leading vulnerability scanners to their business applications and associated firewall rules — including servers and complex connectivity flows. This way, you know exactly which applications and which firewall rules introduce risk.

Easily Define and Enforce Network Segmentation

Firewall Analyzer makes it easy to define and enforce network segmentation throughout your network and across all leading firewall platforms. With Firewall Analyzer you can quickly confirm that your existing network security policy does not violate your network segmentation strategy or block critical business services, and meets compliance requirements.

Prepare for Your Next Audit in Hours, Not Weeks

Firewall Analyzer automatically generates pre-populated, audit-ready compliance reports for all leading industry regulations, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, NERC, FISMA, and ISO, as well as custom corporate policies, to reduce audit preparation efforts and costs by as much as 80%. About AlgoSec The leading provider of business-driven security management solutions, AlgoSec helps the world’s largest organizations align security with their business processes. With AlgoSec, users can discover, map and migrate business application connectivity, proactively analyze risk from the business perspective, tie cyber-attacks to business processes and intelligently automate network security changes with zero touch - across their cloud, SDN and on-premise networks. Over 1,800 enterprises, including 20 of the Fortune 50, have utilized AlgoSec’s solutions to make their organizations more agile, more secure and more compliant - all the time. Since its inception, AlgoSec has provided the industry’s only money-back guarantee.