Overcoming hybrid environment management challenges | AWS & AlgoSec Webinar

September 30, 2020
Omer Ganot
Product Manager
Stuti Deshpande
Partner Solution Architect, AWS

Public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) are a critical part of your hybrid network. It is important to keep out the bad guys (including untrusted insiders) and proactively secure your entire hybrid network.

Securing your network is both the responsibility of the cloud providers, as well as your organization’s IT and CISOs – the shared responsibility model. As a result, your organization needs visibility into what needs to be protected, as well as an understanding of the tools that are available to keep them secure.

In this webinar, Omer Ganot, AlgoSec’s Cloud Security Product Manager, and Stuti Deshpande’s, Amazon Web Service’s Partner Solutions Architect, will share security challenges in the hybrid cloud and provide tips to protect your AWS and hybrid environment, including how to:

• Securely migrate workloads from on-prem to public cloud
• Gain unified visibility into your network topology and traffic flows, including both public cloud and on-premises assets, from a single console.
• Manage/orchestrate multiple layers of security controls and proactively detect misconfigurations
• Protect your data, accounts, and workloads from misconfiguration risks
• Protect web applications in AWS by filtering traffic and blocking common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting
• Gain a unified view of your compliance status and achieve continuous compliance

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Tips for auditing your AWS security policies, the right way

Tips for auditing your AWS security policies, the right way

My colleagues and I  have previously blogged quite a bit about best practices for setting up and managing security in your AWS estate. Now its time to talk about auditing this environment. Because its critical to remember that if you process or store data that is subject to HIPAA, PCI or any other industry regulation in your AWS estate, it is within the scope of your audit and thus subject to the exact same requirements as it is on your on-premise networks.

Security Policy Management for Hybrid AWS Environments

Security Policy Management for Hybrid AWS Environments

Organizations are extending their on-premise data centers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) platforms to maximize business agility and reduce costs. But with new cloud security controls and network architectures that are fundamentally different from traditional on-premise data centers, security, network operations and application teams are struggling to migrate and manage security across their hybrid architectures. Key challenges include:

  • Limited visibility of existing applications and their connectivity, as well as routing and security controls across the hybrid
  • Ensuring that the Amazon security controls allow the required connectivity and not
  • Manual and error-prone change management
  • Ensuring continuous regulatory and corporate compliance in an agile

AlgoSec for Amazon Web Services

AlgoSec provides a single pane of glass to manage traditional and next-generation firewalls deployed on-premise alongside Amazon security controls and cloud-based firewalls, and ensures that your entire enterprise environment is secure and compliant. AlgoSec automates the entire security policy management lifecycle across your hybrid environment — from application connectivity discovery, through server and application migration, fully automated change management including deployment and all the way to secure and error-free decommissioning of application connectivity. AlgoSec for Amazon Web Services

Easily Plan and Migrate Application Connectivity to AWS

AlgoSec automatically discovers and maps the existing network infrastructure, including security devices and application connectivity flows. Through AlgoSec’s easy-to-use workflows, you can easily highlight the applications you want to migrate to the cloud, and the servers they will be migrated to. AlgoSec then automatically creates the change requests needed to implement the migration of application connectivity. If a change does not violate compliance requirements or create risk, it can be automatically deployed onto the relevant firewalls and AWS security controls. This zero-touch approach helps simplify an extremely complex and risky process, eliminates error, increases security and saves significant time and effort. Easily Plan and Migrate Application Connectivity to AWS

Manage Security Policies Across the Hybrid AWS Environment

Once your business applications are deployed on AWS, AlgoSec can automatically manage security controls alongside your traditional firewalls to provide unified security policy management for the entire hybrid enterprise. With AlgoSec you can:
  • Get a single pane of glass to manage security across the entire hybrid
  • Automatically manage all changes to the hybrid environment and proactively prevent non-compliant or risky
  • Monitor unauthorized changes to the Amazon security controls and traditional
  • Instantly generate compliance reports for regulatory and corporate
Manage Security Policies Across the Hybrid AWS Environment AlgoSec for AWS — Key Benefits
  • Unify security policy management across the hybrid AWS environment
  • Accelerate application migrations to AWS
  • Automate security policy change management to eliminate misconfigurations
  • Proactively assess risk and compliance across the hybrid environment
  • Get full visibility into third-party
  • firewalls, routing and Amazon security controls
AWS partner network

Comprehensive Support for Heterogeneous Environments

AlgoSec seamlessly integrates with all leading brands of traditional and next generation firewalls and cloud security controls, as well as routers, load balancers, web proxies and SIEM solutions to deliver unified security policy management across any heterogeneous cloud, SDN or on-premise enterprise network. Additional devices can be added via the AlgoSec Extension Framework. Comprehensive Support for Heterogeneous Environments Global Headquarters 65 Challenger Road, Suite 310 Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 USA +1-888-358-3696 EMEA Headquarters 80 Coleman Street London EC2R 5 BJ United Kingdom +44-207-099-7545 APAC Headquarters Centennial Tower, Level 21 3 Temasek Avenue Singapore 039190 +65 6549 7415

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