Microsoft Azure & AlgoSec

Visibility, Risk Management and Change Automation for Azure Environments

AlgoSec manages security policies across cloud, hybrid and on-prem environments, delivering proactive risk and compliance analysis, end-to-end change management and automation – all in the business application context.
AlgoSec supports enterprises in their journey to the cloud by automatically mapping existing application connectivity prior to the migration, determining and facilitating required connectivity changes during the move, and ensuring continuous compliance and automated change management in the newly established hybrid cloud environment.
AlgoSec completes the picture, providing clear visibility and effective management of Microsoft Azure’s native security constructs – Network Security Groups (NSGs) and Azure Firewalls – as well as 3rd party virtual firewalls deployed in the Azure cloud.

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Automated Security Policy Management for Azure Network Security Groups

With AlgoSec, you gain visibility into your entire Azure cloud estate, including network topology and connectivity, the effective security enforcement by Azure Network Security Groups, and aggregated risk and compliance analysis across Azure and 3rd party security devices. AlgoSec also provides an end-to-end change management and automation solution, covering security policies in the cloud, as well as on-premises SDN and traditional networks.

Central Management for Azure Firewall

Azure Firewall is a new managed, cloud-based network security service that protects your Azure Virtual Network resources.
With AlgoSec, you can manage multiple instances of the Azure Firewall using a shared policy model, to facilitate and automate security policy management in multi-region cloud environments. In addition, the AlgoSec solution provides end-to-end visibility and management capabilities across the Azure Firewalls, Azure NSGs and 3rd party firewalls, in the cloud and on-prem.

Key benefits:

  • Unified security policy management across cloud, SDN and on-premise networks
  • Visibility into the Azure cloud network, topology and connectivity
  • Securing your cloud estate from misconfigurations with risk alerts as well as overall risk visibility
  • Automated Azure NSG and 3rd party firewall changes, eliminating misconfigurations and rework
  • Proactive assessment the impact of network changes to ensure continuous compliance
  • Simplified and automate internal and regulatory audits, and reduce time and costs by as much as 80%