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AlgoSec 2018.1 Delivers Complete End-to-End Security Management across On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud Networks


Agility is critical to today’s businesses: they need to move fast to maximize profitability and service and stay ahead of the competition. Agility also applies to the applications on which businesses rely. The process of deploying, migrating and updating those applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud, must also be agile, but it may not come at the expense of reliability or regulatory compliance.

To help businesses boost their agility without compromising their security posture, we have introduced the latest version of our Security Management Solution, AlgoSec 2018.1. The new version delivers complete automation of security policy change management processes for cloud-only as well as hybrid cloud-enterprise environments.

With a focus on delivering new automation capabilities, the latest version extends end-to-end, security policy change management to cloud security controls and SDN, delivering full visibility and automation across the entire hybrid environment.

Covering businesses across more public clouds
In addition to support for a wide range of on-premise security devices and AWS Security Groups, our new release also includes support for Microsoft Azure and Cisco ACI. Organizations taking advantage of these environments now enjoy full end-to-end automation of security policy change management processes – from planning, through risk and compliance checks, to cloud security controls and deployment directly onto devices – all with zero touch.

Users of Microsoft Azure who deploy AlgoSec 2018.1 will obtain the visibility and facility to simulate routing topologies inside the cloud along with the ability to automatically deploy new rules and remove unnecessary rules directly onto Microsoft Azure Security Groups. Cisco ACI users who utilize AlgoSec 2018.1 can create new contracts and filters directly on Cisco APIC.

Out-of-the-box support for GDPR
An additional key feature that has been added to Version 2018.1 is out-of-the-box support for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With organizations potentially facing huge fines for breaching the regulation, AlgoSec’s GDPR support helps them achieve and maintain compliance, enabling them to:

  • Generate GDPR compliance reports for all applicable network security devices at the click of a button
  • Obtain up-to-date, accurate snapshots of the organization’s compliance status
  • Pinpoint gaps in compliance with actionable recommendations for remediation
  • Proactively assess GDPR risk and compliance for every firewall rule change

Policy change automation for Check Point R80
In addition to the extended support for cloud environments, AlgoSec 2018.1 also provides full end-to-end automation of security policy changes onto on-prem Check Point R80 devices. Customers now have the capability to automatically add, remove, modify and disable rules, supporting security policy cleanup and optimization.

AlgoSec 2018.1 is available now. For more information click here.

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