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AlgoSec Becomes #1 in its Category in IT Central Station


Real Enterprise Users Weigh In

At IT Central Station, we spend our time reaching out to our community to learn what they really think about the enterprise technology solutions they use. Over the past few months AlgoSec users have shared their product reviews on our platform, where they describe how this solution has helped their companies operate more adequately and effectively overall. This user feedback is invaluable in a space where independent and objective comparative information is otherwise rare and difficult to find.

IT Central Station, the leading site for enterprise technology user reviews, provides honest user feedback to help our growing tech professional community make future buying decisions for their companies. Dubbed as “The Yelp of Enterprise Technology” by the Wall Street Journal, we at IT Central Station have created a triple-authentication process to ensure that our product reviews are current, relevant and without vendor bias.

While we sifted through these reviews we understood that our users had many positive things to say about AlgoSec. This contributed to their top ranking, top rating and highest number of user reviews in our firewall security management category. In this post, we highlight three advantages covered in AlgoSec’s user reviews that we hope contribute to tech professionals’ market research efforts, and to help them make more informed buying decisions.

Time Saving Automation and Productivity

Our users agree that AlgoSec’s time saving features help resolve a company’s issues quickly:

“For a massive migration, it permits project/application owners to estimate and anticipate changes which are needed autonomously and only involve the security administrator for implementation of the rules. This permits us to save a lot of time and make some firewall policy clean up. Then, when we add firewall change requests to management through this tool, it decreases the time for design and implementation significantly.” – Bruno R., a Expert Technical Security at a pharma/biotech company with 10,000+ employees.

“The compliance module is one of the best features which can help anyone to perform security review with predefined security matrix configurations. The compliance module can save a lot of time for security reviews and provide full visibility of the risk required in firewall change requests.” – Stalin P., Manager – Network Service Delivery (IP & Security) at Prudential Corporation Asia.

Visibility, Risk Management, Compliance, and Change Management

Ours users highlight in their AlgoSec reviews how these specific features added particular value to their companies:

“Over time, firewall vendors have added features, such as rule counters, that AlgoSec traditionally has offered. However, AlgoSec continues to add capabilities that firewall vendors simply cannot provide. We have reduced the attack surface of risky rules, improved our compliance scores, and streamlined our firewall change flow all thanks to AlgoSec…” – User at a company with 10,000+ employees.

“…The most important and valuable part of this tool…provides quick and simple visibility on the firewall’s risk assessment in regards to compliance’s referential that can be also customised to fit our organisation’s requirements.” – Bruno R., a Expert Technical Security at a pharma/biotech company with 10,000+ employees.

Business Level Visibility and Agility

AlgoSec’s efficiency is another prominent attribute that comes up frequently in user reviews:
“FireFlow continues to drive customer efficiencies, allowing an organisation to keep up with the pace of change. We see the value of BusinessFlow for organisations involved in digital transformation projects migrating to public/private/hybrid cloud models.” – Account Director.

“The ease of use and “one click” reports are very manager friendly. The policy browser is a fast, efficient way to find existing access, especially when granted via membership of a group or subnet. The ability to painlessly click through and navigate group objects (“what’s in this object?”) to filter.” – User at an insurance company.

Want to learn more about what enterprise technology professionals really think about AlgoSec? Read more of their user reviews.

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