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Hear from our customers: real users talk about AlgoSec


Getting honest, unbiased, real-life customer feedback is extremely valuable to both prospective customers and the product vendors themselves, but it’s not always easy to come by. IT Central Station, provides a great outlet for real users to share and their experiences with enterprise products.

Following on from my blog post in May, here’s some of the latest feedback from real customers on how they’re using AlgoSec to manage their network security across their own organizations:

“AlgoSec saves person-hours and delivers security tightening and optimization in minutes……. AlgoSec is a best of class solution with a unique value proposition. AlgoSec stands apart with a visionary business-centric approach – not limiting itself to a mere firewall security clean-up tool. AlgoSec as a platform fills the gaps between the otherwise disconnected teams – Security, Network and Applications – within an organization.” Cyber-security/Network Intelligence Professional

“It helped to improve our automation and simplified the configuration of new access rules…..It’s an amazing product for those admins who have huge variety of firewall vendors and would like to be able to automate the implementation of new firewall rules for access across the network.” Network engineer at communication service provider.

“The product has helped us improve our firewall policies. It’s also helped me to make decisions on best practices. There are no implementation issues; just take a look into the device’s compatibility with your systems. It’s a really simple tool with strong results.” Senior Network Security Administrator in Government Department.

“The reports for the policy optimization are the product’s most valuable feature and it provides better performance on our firewalls….. just try it and you’ll see where the problems are in your firewall.” Network security engineer at an aerospace defence firm.

“We use this tool for rule monitoring and cleaning up the unused objects to improve performance. The risk team uses this tool to validate the existing traffic flow for their approval…..It is a very useful product and I highly recommend everyone having this product in place on their security infrastructure.” Senior IT Security Engineer at a Consumer Goods company. 

There are many things to consider when looking for a security policy management solution. If you want to expand your research take look at our customer success stories, read our product information, and see how we address specific business challenges customers such as security policy change managementfirewall clean up and optimization, network segmentation, auditing and compliance, and many others. In the end, it is important to choose a company that’s easy to do business with, together with a solution that can be easily deployed, saves your organization time and money, and most importantly improves your security posture, business agility and minimize risk.

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