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Managing Security Across a Software Defined Network – Best Practices


Software defined networks (SDNs) help drive scalability and business agility, while enabling a more secure, segmented data center. Yet despite its rising popularity, SDN can strike fear into the hearts of the security and network operations teams who have little to no physical visibility into the SDN yet must secure and manage it.

Next Tuesday, October 3, Edy Almer, AlgoSec’s VP of Products will present a new technical webinar on best practices to help manage security across an SDN environment.

He will cover:

  • How to securely discover and migrate application connectivity to the SDN
  • Holistically managing the entire hybrid SDN, cloud and on-premise enterprise network through a single pane of glass
  • Assessing risk and compliance cohesively for the entire end-to-end enterprise environment, including SDN
  • Best practices for managing security policies across Cisco ACI, VMware NSX and OpenStack
  • Tips and tricks to avoid the pitfalls when managing east-west and north-south security policies


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