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Migrating application connectivity and network security to AWS – What you need to know


It’s now a given – most enterprises are moving at least some of their business applications to the cloud. Yet while the cloud is an extremely agile platform, it also adds a new level of complexity. Because, when it comes to network security, the cloud introduces a software-defined security architecture that is fundamentally different from the organization’s existing on-prem network. As a result, many enterprises are now struggling to migrate application connectivity to the cloud, and then manage cloud security controls alongside their traditional firewalls in a way that ensures security and compliance across their entire hybrid architecture.

Please join us next Thursday, November 10, at 11am EST for a new webinar where our CTO, Prof. Avishai Wool, will provide technical insights and security best practices for migrating and managing security across a hybrid on-premise – Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment:

This webinar will cover:

  • Understanding network security before, during and after migrating your applications to AWS
  • How to identify and migrate the relevant application connectivity flows to AWS
  • Managing AWS Security Groups alongside your traditional firewalls – uniformly and securely
  • Making the most of AWS Network ACLs – to enhance traffic filtering and maximize capacity

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And dont miss Prof. Wool’s “Best Practices for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security,’ whiteboard video course – a free, 5 lesson course packed with practical tips and tricks for managing security in AWS:

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