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Network Security Tip of the Week [10]


This week’s network security tip is all about keeping it simple. As Bruce Schneier has said, “Complexity is the enemy of security.” How complex are today’s security environments? In a survey we conducted last year on Complexity in Network Security Environments:

  • 95% of respondents said they use network security devices from multiple vendors
  • 57% of respondents reported having more than four security vendors in their network
  • 42% reported having more than 50 security devices in their network!

This is a case where more does not mean better. Philip, a CISO based in the US, provides some recommendations on how to reduce complexity in the firewall estate:

  1. “Reduce the number and type of firewalls that you need to manage.
  2. Standardize your firewall policies based on risk.
  3. Use centralized management and monitoring tools.
  4. Ensure that you have a properly trained and dedicated staff.
  5. Stay vigilant – regardless of the shiny new security technologies developed over the past 20 years, firewalls are still the gateways into and out of your network. Defend your house.”

Thanks Philip for these firewall management tips. And to our readers, please continue to send us your network security tips!

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