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Network Security Tip of the Week [11]


This week’s network security tip of the week focuses on the importance of creating enclaves in your network to isolate and protect critical/risky assets. A strong network security defense isn’t simply about having multiple layers, but also how you segment the network and specific assets that are critical to your business. AlgoSec’s own Kyle Wickert explains…

“Network enclaves should be used within the internal network to prevent network layer access to assets you wish to protect. It is important to remember that there are multiple reasons for isolating assets, whether to protect a vulnerable asset from compromise or ensuring a server housing sensitive data cannot be directly connected to. Perhaps an organization has a legacy Windows 2000 OS server… Steps can be taken to mitigate the known vulnerabilities by isolating the asset and ensure it can only communicate with endpoints it needs to in order to work properly.”

Thanks Kyle! And thanks to all of our readers for continuing to provide excellent tips. Keep them coming!

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