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New webinar: Security a Revenue Center – How Security Can Drive Your Business


Traditionally Security was viewed as necessary cost center or an insurance policy you hoped you’d never have to cash in. Yet by automating security policy management you can actually save your organization both time and money and even enable and support the revenue generation processes.

Presented by Joe DiPietro, SE Director, this technical webinar will provide an overview of how automated security policy management goes beyond providing ROI and cost savings, to directly impacting business productivity and agility.

This webinar will:

  • Highlight the security policy processes that can be automated – challenges, benefits, planning and prioritization considerations
  • Provide an overview of the security management maturity model
  • Highlight opportunities for automation and optimization
  • Dissect and assess cost saving and revenue generation opportunities
  • Discuss key challenges including security change management, risk management, application migration, and auditing and compliance.

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