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Partnering with Huawei: why security automation matters for complex, multivendor networks


Communications service providers (CSPs) are embracing virtualization using software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) to replace their traditional hardware-based networks, as they look to offer innovative new services to customers and satisfy demands for greater capacity.

This means that CSPs will need new security capabilities to protect these environments  – capabilities which are delivered by carrier-class network firewalls (CCNFWs).  These are scalable, resilient appliances that secure carrier networks, applications and users against threats without introducing excessive latency.

As I’m sure you already know, automating security policy management is what we do:  our solutions give customers the visibility and control they need to better secure and manage their networks, across any type of firewall (whether traditional, NGFW, CCNFW, cloud security controls, or a mixed estate) from the widest range of vendors.  Which is why we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Huawei, a leader in the CCNFW industry this week.

The partnership means that customers using Huawei firewalls can now visualize them on AlgoSec’s interactive connectivity maps, and manage their organizations’ security policies holistically, including traffic simulations, change management, policy and risk analysis, and auditing and compliance reporting, from a single point of control.  This closes potential security gaps and eliminates the risks of misconfigurations occurring.

Of course, these benefits are not restricted to CSPs:  organizations across all industry sectors can also reap the same security and business rewards across their increasingly complex IT estates, especially as they migrate from physical on-premise networks to the cloud, undergo business mergers or acquisitions, or deploy NGFWs on their networks to enable application-specific security controls.

These changes will often involve deploying new firewalls, cloud security controls and other devices on existing networks, creating multi-vendor environments which can increase the risk of configuration and management problems.  However, AlgoSec’s vendor agnostic solutions are able to support your environment no matter how many different vendors’ solutions you use, or how the environment is structured – helping you to achieve your security and compliance goals. You can find out more about our partnership and integration with Huawei here.

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