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How to take control of a firewall migration project – a new Prof. Wool whiteboard video


As part of the ongoing management of your enterprise networks, it’s likely that at some point you’ll need to upgrade some of your firewalls.  Perhaps an existing firewall is outdated and no longer supported by the vendor, or it’s simply not keeping up with the performance demands. Perhaps you got a better deal from another vendor, or you want to to take advantage of the application-centric features of next generation firewalls, or perhaps you are required to migrate to a different product as a result of a merger or acquisition. The new solution could well be from a different vendor to the device being replaced.

Following his recent blog post, Don’t get lost in translation when managing mixed firewall estates, this new Prof Wool whiteboard video explains why its risky to use vendor-provided tools to automatically convert firewall rules from an old firewall. Professor Wool then presents a more realistic way to manage the firewall rule migration process that involves stages and checks and balances to ensure a smooth, secure transition to the new firewall that maintains secure connectivity.

Watch the video to learn more:

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