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Tips to Securely Decommission Business Applications


How many times has your organization been ready to decommission an application, but the network ops team is afraid to remove the underlying security rules? The ability to accurately identify and remove access rules for decommissioned applications, without impacting the accessibility of other applications is a huge issue for many organizations. Unnecessary or overly permissive access rules are too often left in place due to the fear of making a change that impacts the network or applications. In our State of Network Security Survey 2013, a 80% of respondents noted that application-related rule changes resulted in outages or impaired performance. SEXLVIV.COM

So what’s a security, network operations or application owner to do? What if these rules could be eliminated or tightened based on a more accurate and accessible understanding of related application connectivity requirements?

In this latest Firewall Management 201 video, Professor Wool examines the challenges of decommissioning business applications and offers recommendations for improving security without impacting network operations by removing firewall rules that are no longer in use. Enjoy!


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