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SecureLink Enables Business Agility with Hybrid Cloud Management

To be able to apply the same policy on all your infrastructure is priceless

SecureLink is Europe’s premier, award-winning, cybersecurity company. Active since 2003, they operate from 15 offices in 8 countries, to build a safe, connected world. More than 2,000 experts and thought leaders are dedicated to delivering unrivalled information security value for over 1,300 customers. They are part of the Orange Group, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, and listed on Euronext Paris and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

The Challenge

SecureLink has been an on-site consultant for several years for a large global entertainment company. SecureLink’s client has over 100 firewalls running both on-premises and on Amazon
Web Services (AWS) from several different vendors.

Some of the challenges included:

  • “Shadow IT” had taken over, causing security risks and friction with IT, who had to support it.
  • Security policies were being managed in tedious and unmaintainable Excel spreadsheets
  • Lack of verification if official firewall policies accurately reflected traffic flows

The business units were pushing a migration to a hybrid cloud environment rather than relying exclusively on an on-premises deployment. Business units were unilaterally moving business applications to the cloud, leading to “shadow IT.”

Business application owners were unable to comply with security policies, troubleshoot their “shadow network,” nor connect cloud-based servers to local servers. When there were problems, the business units went back to the IT department, who had to fix a mess they didn’t create.

The Solution

SecureLink was searching for a solution that provided:

  • Automation of security policy change management and documentation of security policy changes
  • Comprehensive firewall support for their multi-vendor, hybrid estate
  • Ability to determine compliance and risk profiles
  • Full visibility and control for IT, while enabling business agility

In order to keep the business happy and agile, but ensure that IT had full visibility and control, they implemented AlgoSec.

The client selected AlgoSec’s Security Policy Management Solution, which includes AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer and AlgoSec FireFlow.

AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer delivers visibility and analysis of complex network security policies across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid networks. It automates and simplifies security operations including troubleshooting, auditing, and risk analysis. Using Firewall Analyzer, SecureLink can optimize the configuration of firewalls, and network infrastructure to ensure security and compliance.

AlgoSec FireFlow enables security staff to automate the entire security policy change process from design and submission to proactive risk analysis, implementation, validation, and auditing. Its intelligent, automated workflows save time and improve security by eliminating manual errors and reducing risk.

The Results

AlgoSec helped SecureLink gain control of shadow IT without slowing down the business. By using AlgoSec to gain full visibility of the entire network, IT was able to regain control over company’s security policy while supporting the move to the cloud. “AlgoSec lets us take ownership and be quick for the business,” said Björn Löfman, a consultant at SecureLink. “The way AlgoSec provides the whole map of the internal and cloud networks is outstanding, and to be able to apply the same policy on all your infrastructure is priceless.”

By using the AlgoSec Security Management Solution, SecureLink was able to clean up risky firewall policies, gain increased understanding of their security policies, tighten compliance, and enhance migrations of hardware and implement a hybrid cloud environment with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Some benefits to the client of AlgoSec include:

  • Greater understanding of network security policies
  • Easier firewall migration – they migrated from Juniper NetScreen to Check Point firewalls
  • Ability to optimize rules and reduce unneeded and duplicate rules and objects. They were able to go from 4,000 rules to 1,110 rules – a 72% reduction.
  • Move to the hybrid cloud with the adoption of Amazon Web Services
  • Able to reduce shadow IT and reclaim ownership of the cloud
  • Full visibility of entire hybrid network – including both on-premise and devices in the cloud including firewalls, AWS security groups, and Access Control Lists (ACLs).