Stuti Deshpande | Omer Ganot
Partner Solution Architect, AWS | Product Manager, AlgoSec

Overcoming hybrid environment management challenges| AWS & AlgoSec Webinar

September 30, 2020

10AM ET | 3pm GMT

Asher Benbenisty
Director of Product Marketing

Radically reduce firewall rules with application-driven rule recertification

October 14, 2020

10 AM ET

Avivi Siman-Tov
Director of Product (AlgoSec)

Cloud migrations made simpler: Safe, Secure and Successful Migrations

October 28, 2020


Prof. Avishai Wool | Chase Cunningham
CTO & Co Founder AlgoSec | Forrester Research

5 Practical Steps to Implementing a Zero-Trust Network - with Forrester Research


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