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Automating firewall policy management dramatically reduces the time and costs to prepare for an audit, process firewall changes and troubleshoot connectivity issues, as well as extends the lifespan of your hardware.

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How are the savings calculated ?

Number of firewall clusters   FWs
Number of change requests (weekly)   Requests
Average loaded cost of IT professional (Hourly)
Total cost per hour (including benefits, office space etc.) of an IT professional that manages firewalls
Average time spent per change request
Time spent by requestor, network and security teams for: filling in/tracking requests, checking for completeness of request, checking if request is covered by existing rules, understanding which firewalls to change and which rules to add, implementing request, testing flow, validating change and closing request; checking risk levels, analysing change for compliance, approving/rejecting request and ensuring proper logging for auditing.
Number of connectivity incidents per year
Incidents which need to be troubleshooted by IT, where firewalls or related devices are suspected of blocking legitimate traffic or disrupting productivity.
Average time spent to prepare a single firewall for audit   Hours
Average cost of a single FW cluster  
Percentage of "already works" requests
Estimated percentage of change requests that are opened for access that is already in place.
Average time to troubleshoot a connectivity incident   Hours
Number of firewall audits per year   Audits
Number of years between hardware refresh cycles   Years

Less quantifiable benefits:

  • Improved productivity and improved network uptime
  • Improved risk mitigation and data protection
  • Improved business agility
  • Improved corporate governance and regulatory compliance

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