Cisco ACI SDN: Top Benefits & Best Practices

AlgoSec simplifies, automates, and orchestrates security
policy management for Cisco ACI to accelerate application
delivery while ensuring security and continuous compliance.
Available as part of the Cisco solutions plus program and
listed on the global price List (GPL).
Cisco ACI

The benefits

Automate network security policy management across the data center, automating the provisioning of security policies across the ACI fabric and multi-vendor security devices connected to the ACI fabric.

Proactively assess risk in Cisco ACI contracts and recommend changes needed to eliminate misconfigurations and compliance violations.

The app in the ACI app Center makes the integrated solution easily accessible from the APIC user interface. The AlgoSec app for ACI provides visibility into the security and compliance posture of the ACI fabric, enables contract connectivity troubleshooting, and automates security policy changes for firewalls connected to the ACI fabric.


Partner solution brief: AlgoSec and Cisco
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Cisco and algosec overview
Partner solution overview: AlgoSec and Cisco ACI
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Accelerate data center application deployments with Cisco ACI and AlgoSec
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Increasing Cisco ACI adoption with AlgoSec
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Description and further info

Securely accelerate application connectivity

Securely provision, maintain and decommission connectivity required by business applications. Map application connectivity to ACI contracts, EPGs, and to ACI fabric firewall policies.
By automatically mapping application-connectivity requirements to the underlying infrastructure, application, security, and network teams are aligned.
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See and understand complex network security policies

AlgoSec provides visibility and analysis of complex network security policies across virtual, cloud, and physical environments to simplify security operations, including policy cleanup, troubleshooting, auditing, and risk analysis. security and operations teams can simply and automatically optimize the configuration of Cisco firewalls, routers, and SDN solutions to ensure security and compliance.
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Securely automate application delivery

Automate security policy change management – even with multi-vendor security devices, creating and pushing ACI contracts and EPGs and policy changes directly to the network. Compliance is a breeze, with “on the fly” risk and compliance assurance during policy changes of ACI and in-fabric firewalls.
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Get the most out of your ACI investment

AlgoSec’s uniform security policy management transcends legacy networks, cloud, and WAN all the way to your ACI fabric, delivering full visibility across your entire network. Bring firewalls and the ACI fabric into a single unified view, enabling comprehensive management and offering an automated workflow to assess the impact of changes.
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Securely accelerate micro-segmentation initiatives

Leverage Cisco secure workload (formerly Cisco tetration) as well as other data sources and sensors to discover application flows by quickly learning how applications use the network. AlgoSec automatically generates whitelist policies based on discovered connectivity and pushes them to ACI contracts and firewalls to enforce east-west filtering.
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Securely accelerate data center and cloud migration

Simplify data center application and server migrations, and minimize outages and misconfigurations across the hybrid estate. Map security devices and policies to ACI’s application data constructs, and gain risk assessments to application connectivity as depicted by ACI.
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