Managed Firewall Services Challenges

Managed firewall service providers help solve some of the challenges involved in firewall management. For example, firewall management companies control which infrastructure to install and can manage multiple firewalls in a variety of network topologies, manage changes to firewall policies, and perform regular firewall audits and monitor compliance of key regulations such as PCI DSS

Firewall Management Services

Common questions about firewall management services

What are managed firewall services?

A managed firewall are the services around firewalls that ensure that firewalls have clear and well-maintained firewall policy rules, firewalls are proactively patched and updated when needed, and that there is proactive monitoring and auditing. 

What does a firewall management company do?

Firewalls are managed by MSSPs. By using a managed firewall service, organizations get intrusion protection and rapid response to any security incidents.  

What are firewall service providers and what do they do?

Firewall service providers can provide firewalls as a cloud service (FWaaS). Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) moves firewall functionality to the cloud instead of the traditional network perimeter. This allows firewalls to be deployed anywhere in the world and support geographically dispersed remote workforces.

How do MSSPs and managed firewall services relate to network firewall security management?

MSSPs handle network policy security management in-house. It is the responsibility of the MSSPs to institute, maintain, and modify firewall rules and manage the entire change management process end-to-end. MSSPs can use network security management solutions to manage multiple clients and accelerate visibility, automation, compliance monitoring, and change management.


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How AlgoSec Helps Support Firewall Management Services

AlgoSec helps firewall management services


Gain visibility into the entire security network

AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer simplifies daily network operations by automatically generating an interactive, self-updating topology map. Using the map, MSSPs gain instant visibility into the impact of security policies on network traffic, and can quickly troubleshoot connectivity issues, plan changes, and perform "what-if" traffic queries.


Automate security policy change management

Change management processes are slow. Processing a single change in a complex enterprise environment, which often has hundreds of changes each month, can take days, or even weeks. With AlgoSec’s automated security policy management, MSSPs can process security policy changes in minutes, avoiding guesswork, and manual errors, while reducing risk and enforcing compliance. Using intelligent, highly customizable workflows, AlgoSec automates the entire security policy change process.


Automate firewall auditing and ensure continuous compliance

Keeping up with the numerous regulations that are found across geographies and industries can be extremely time consuming and complex. AlgoSec automatically generates pre-populated, audit-ready compliance reports for all the leading industry regulations, including SOX, BASEL II, GLBA, PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, and internal corporate policies — which helps reduce audit preparation efforts and costs.


Cleanup, recertify, and optimize security policies

AlgoSec continuously analyzes existing network security policies and provides actionable recommendations to help cleanup and reduce risk. AlgoSec can uncover unused, obsolete, or duplicate rules, initiate a recertification process for expired rules, provide recommendations on how to consolidate or reorder rules for better performance, and tightens overly permissive rules.