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Arcon Maintains Security Across Diverse Customer Networks With AlgoSec

Using AlgoSec is a double benefit to us because we can reduce the cost and number of errors in our daily operation and also expand our offerings to our customers

Global Managed Services Company Optimizes Firewall Policies and Reduces Risks

AlgoSec Business Impact

• Improve security and assure compliance of its customers • Deliver comprehensive reports
• Reduce costs and misconfiguration errors
• Expand offerings to Arcon’s customers


Founded in 1995, Arcon is the leading MSSP in Brazil. The company operates facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasília, Flórida, Salvador and Belém, managing the networks of many of Brazil’s top 100 companies, including banks, retailers, manufacturers and telecom companies. Arcon protects
more than 600,000 users across five continents and processes more than one billion transactions each day. In addition to strategic management of IT security, Arcon protects data, servers, workstations and mobile devices and helps customers identify and control access to their systems. The company also evaluates risks in applications and provides technology infrastructure to support its customers’ businesses.


Arcon provides security services to hundreds of other companies, including major retailers and banks, which require the tools that enable it to rapidly identify compliance issues and assess risks associated with network configurations. It must also be able to determine how to best optimize customers’ security policies and track changes made to firewall rules. With so many customers and service level agreements that require near immediate responses, Arcon needed visibility across the networks it manages and into reports allowing them to quickly find and fix issues and to counsel customers on changes that would improve their systems’ security.


Flavio Carvalho, the Security Management Services Director at Arcon, was charged with maintaining security across its own network, as well as diverse customers’ networks. Carvalho and his team selected the AlgoSec Security Management solution. “The combination of ease-of-use and the value add of AlgoSec’s reports, the ability to manage different technologies from multiple vendors, the cost per device managed, and the visibility across customer’s networks were key for us,” comments Carvalho.
The quality of the AlgoSec’s reports clinched the deal. “With AlgoSec, we can quickly and easily provide PCI compliance reports to our customers, including banks and large retail stores. The excellent quality of the reports adds value to the services we manage for them,” says Carvalho.


Arcon’s clients expect regular updates on the security of their networks — including recommendations for policy optimization, risk mitigation strategies, compliance verification and the impact of rule changes. “It would be impossible for us to deliver all of these in monthly reports without AlgoSec,” Carvalho notes.

We have a big retail customer with SLAs of just one hour. “With AlgoSec we have been able to meet these SLAs much more easily than before. A report that previously took a day to generate can now be completed in a few minutes at the click of a button,” Carvalho notes.
Shortly after implementation, Arcon’s experience with one large bank customer validated their decision to use AlgoSec — and made their customer very happy. “Our customer was under pressure because of high CPU utilization in their main firewall cluster,” explains Carvalho. “They needed us to investigate what was going on and to solve the issue as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Using AlgoSec, we were able to easily identify a series of duplicate and poorly-written rules that were causing the trouble, and we solved the problem at no cost to the customer.”
“Using AlgoSec is a double benefit to us because we can reduce the cost and number of errors in our daily operations and also expand our offerings to our customers,” adds Carvalho.

“It’s easy to work with AlgoSec, as we have a direct contact and an excellent AlgoSec support team, which is always available to help us when necessary” concludes Carvalho.