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Ask me anything – how chatbots accelerate network sec management


Ask me anything – how chatbots accelerate network sec management

Whether you need immediate technical support or advice on a recent purchase, chatbots have become mainstream across all industries, from retail to healthcare. A study from Invesp found that two-thirds of customers have used a chatbot in the last twelve months, with 85% of all customer interactions expected to be handled without a human agent in 2020.

One of the standout benefits of automated chat functions is the immediate response to enquiries. According to statistics from Drift, 64% of internet users say a 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots, while 55% of people who use them expect an instant response to simple questions.

Chatbots are not only reserved for front-end customer communication. They have been shown to transform the way organizations monitor and maintain multifaceted enterprise IT environments, which have traditionally been segmented and hard to access.

Information-sharing using chatbots

A big advantage of using a chatbot in complex hybrid or multi-cloud networks is the ability to arm non-technical users with the tools to monitor and mitigate risks associated with unknown traffic and change requests, which could cause misconfigurations or critical outages. By making important network and security information accessible to a wide range of internal stakeholders, chatbots enable faster decision-making and speed up processes to accelerate business productivity.

AlgoSec’s AlgoBot allows users to delegate day-to-day tasks away from firewall and network administrators to provide faster and more intuitive services. It is able to answer questions in plain English (or French, Spanish, Portuguese and so on) and personally assist with security policy change management processes – without requiring manual inputs or additional research.

Our best of breed solutions have been designed with our customers in mind, and we have introduced a number of enhancements in the latest version of AlgoBot A30.10 to improve functionality and the user experience, including:

  • Introducing host name functionality: While users previously communicated with AlgoBot using IP addresses to identify traffic across the network, the A30.10 update accepts commands relating to host names; for example, you may ask the chatbot if you can accept traffic from Mr Jones’ laptop. This makes it easier to non-technical staff to interact with AlgoBot.
  • Added support for Microsoft Teams: Online communication tools have become increasingly popular in recent years as remote working becomes more commonplace. To ensure all our users are able to interact with AlgoBot, we have added support for Microsoft Teams alongside Slack and Skype for Business.
  • Fully compatible with ASMS A30.10: AlgoBot A30.10 is fully compatible with the latest update to AlgoSec Security Management Suite (ASMS) A30.10, in addition to being backwards compatible with previous versions.

You can learn more about the enhanced offering of ASMS A30.10 and AlgoBot A30.10 here.

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