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Introducing a new Whiteboard Video Series: Firewall Management 201 with Professor Wool


Today we launched the first video in a new educationally focused whiteboard series called Firewall Management 201 with Professor Wool. In this series, AlgoSec’s CTO Avishai Wool, examines some of the latest IT trends and provides recommendations for how to properly balance security and productivity/efficiency through sound firewall policy creation and management.

The first video in the series is Managing Firewall Policies in a Disappearing Network Perimeter. We’ve discussed in previous blog posts how the network perimeter is getting “fuzzy” and what you can do about it (see “The Dissolving Network Perimeter and What You Can Do About It“) and now Professor Wool examines some reasons for why this is occurring and provides some ideas for your consideration in terms of firewall policy management. Additional videos which will be made available over the coming weeks include discussions on next-generation firewalls and their capabilities, blacklisting and/or whitelisting policy considerations, and automating firewall change management workflows.

We hope you find these whiteboard videos educational and fun. Enjoy!

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