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Migrating to AWS in six simple steps


Yitzy Tannenbaum, Product Marketing Manager at AlgoSec, discusses how AWS customers can leverage AlgoSec for AWS to easily migrate applications

Public cloud platforms bring a host of benefits to organizations but managing security and compliance can prove complex. These challenges are exacerbated when organizations are required to manage and maintain security across all controls that make up the security network including on-premise, SDN and in the public cloud. According to a Gartner study, 81% of organizations are concerned about security, and 57% about maintaining regulatory compliance in the public cloud.

AlgoSec’s partnership with AWS helps organizations overcome these challenges by making the most of AWS’ capabilities and providing solutions that complement the AWS offering, particularly in terms of security and operational excellence. And to make things even easier, AlgoSec is now available in AWS Marketplace.

Accelerating complex application migration with AlgoSec

Many organizations choose to migrate workloads to AWS because it provides unparalleled opportunities for scalability, flexibility, and the ability to spin-up new servers within a few minutes.

However, moving to AWS while still maintaining high-level security and avoiding application outages can be challenging, especially if you are trying to do the migration manually, which can create opportunities for human error.

We help simplify the migration to AWS with a six-step automated process, which takes away manual processes and reduces the risk of error:

Step 1 – AlgoSec automatically discovers and maps network flows to the relevant business applications.

Step 2- AlgoSec assesses the changes in the application connectivity required to migrate it to AWS.

Step 3- AlgoSec analyzes, simulates and computes the necessary changes, across the entire hybrid network (over firewalls, routers, security groups etc.), including providing a what-if risk analysis and compliance report.

Step 4- AlgoSec automatically migrates the connectivity flows to the new AWS environment.

Step 5 – AlgoSec securely decommissions old connectivity.

Step 6- The AlgoSec platform provides ongoing monitoring and visibility of the cloud estate to maintain security and operation of policy configurations or successful continuous operation of the application.

Gain control of hybrid estates with AlgoSec

Security automation is essential if organizations are to maintain security and compliance across their hybrid environments, as well as get the full benefit of AWS agility and scalability. AlgoSec allows organizations to seamlessly manage security control layers across the entire network from on-premise to cloud services by providing Zero-Touch automation in three key areas.

First, visibility is important, since understanding the network we have in the cloud helps us to understand how to deploy and manage the policies across the security controls that make up the hybrid cloud estate. We provide instant visibility, risk assessment and compliance, as well as rule clean-up, under one unified umbrella. Organizations can gain instant network visibility and maintain a risk-free optimized rule set across the entire hybrid network – across all AWS accounts, regions and VPC combinations, as well as 3rd party firewalls deployed in the cloud and across the connection to the on-prem network.

Secondly, changes to network security policies in all these diverse security controls can be managed from a single system, security policies can be applied consistently, efficiently, and with a full audit trail of every change.

Finally, security automation dramatically accelerates change processes and enables better enforcement and auditing for regulatory compliance. It also helps organizations overcome skill gaps and staffing limitations.

Why Purchase Through AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors (ISVs). It makes it easy for organizations to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), giving them a further option to benefit from AlgoSec. The new listing also gives organizations the ability to apply their use of AlgoSec to their AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) spend commitment.

With the addition of AlgoSec in AWS Marketplace, customers can benefit from simplified sourcing and contracting as well as consolidated billing, ultimately resulting in cost savings. It offers organizations instant visibility and in-depth risk analysis and remediation, providing multiple unique capabilities such as cloud security group clean-ups, as well as central policy management. This strengthens enterprises’ cloud security postures and ensures continuous audit-readiness.

Ready to Get Started?

The addition of AlgoSec in AWS Marketplace is the latest development in the relationship between AlgoSec and AWS and is available for businesses with 500 or more users. Visit the AlgoSec AWS Marketplace listing for more information or contact us to discuss it further.

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