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New webinar: How to migrate and manage security policies in a segmented data center


Network segmentation is an effective strategy for protecting access to key data assets, and impeding the lateral movement of threats and cyber criminals inside your data center. With network virtualization, such as VMware NSX, now a reality it’s now far easier and quicker to set up granular security policies for east-west traffic within the data center. Yet the added granularity of securities policies creates significant complexity.

Presented by renowned industry expert and AlgoSec CTO Professor Avishai Wool, this technical webinar will provide strategies and best practices to help organizations migrate and manage security policies efficiently within a micro-segmented data center.

During the webinar Professor Wool will cover how to:

  • Identify and securely migrate legacy applications to a micro-segmented data center
  • Effectively define and enforce security policies for East-West traffic
  • Manage the micro-segmented data center alongside traditional on-premise security devices
  • Identify risk and manage compliance in a micro-segmented data center
  • Use network segmentation to reduce the scope of regulatory audits
  • Identify and avoid common network segmentation mistakes

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