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New webinar: Security Change Management – Agility vs. Control


Today’s fast paced business application deployments and changes require IT, networking and security to be more agile than ever before. Yet this agility often comes at the expense of security, control and accuracy. When facing a barrage of cyber-attacks this is not an option.

In this new technical webinar, Anner Kushnir, AlgoSec’s VP of Technology will explain how to address these contradicting requirements, and eliminate the tension between the two, through a unique zero-touch approach to security policy management.

In this webinar Anner will discuss:

  • The challenges and requirements for zero-touch security policy automation
  • How automation can support business agility while maintaining checks and balances
  • Defining a policy for pre-approved “more of the same” low risk changes
  • Handling exceptions, risks and escalation
  • Maintaining a full audit trail for compliance audits
  • Tracking SLAs and further fine-tuning business agility

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