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Shaping tomorrow: Leading the way in cloud security



Cloud computing has become a cornerstone of business operations, with cloud security at the forefront of strategic concerns. In a recent SANS webinar, our CTO Prof. Avishai Wool discussed why more companies are becoming more concerned protecting their containerized environments, given the fact that they are being targeted in cloud-based breaches more than ever. 

Watch the SANS webinar now!

 Embracing CNAPP (Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform) is crucial, particularly for its role in securing these versatile yet vulnerable container environments.  

Containers, encapsulating code and dependencies, are pivotal in modern application development, offering portability and efficiency. Yet, they introduce unique security challenges. With 45% of breaches occurring in cloud-based settings, the emphasis on securing containers is more critical than ever. CNAPP provides a comprehensive shield, addressing specific vulnerabilities inherent to containers, such as configuration errors or compromised container images.

The urgent need for skilled container security experts

The deployment of CNAPP solutions, while technologically advanced, also hinges on human expertise. The shortage of skills in cloud security management, particularly around container technologies, poses a significant challenge. As many as 35% of IT decision-makers report difficulties in navigating data privacy and security management, underscoring the urgent need for skilled professional’s adept in CNAPP and container security.

The economic stakes of failing to secure cloud environments, especially containers, are high. Data breaches, on average, cost companies a staggering $4.35 million​​. This figure highlights not just the financial repercussions but also the potential damage to reputation and customer trust. CNAPP’s role extends beyond security, serving as a strategic investment against these multifaceted risks.

As we navigate the complexitis of cloud security, CNAPP’s integration for container protection represents just one facet of a broader strategy. Continuous monitoring, regular security assessments, and a proactive approach to threat detection and response are also vital. These practices ensure comprehensive protection and operational resilience in a landscape where cloud dependency is rapidly increasing.

The journey towards securing cloud environments, with a focus on containers, is an ongoing endeavour. The strategic implementation of CNAPP, coupled with a commitment to cultivating skilled cybersecurity expertise, is pivotal. By balancing advanced technology with professional acumen, organizations can confidently navigate the intricacies of cloud security, ensuring both digital and economic resilience in our cloud-dependent world.



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