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Who’s Connecting to Your Network?


In today’s global market place your organization needs network connectivity with external entities – suppliers, credit card processing companies, business partners, data feeds etc. But are you really sure these connections are secure and compliant? Are you really sure they are not inadvertently creating holes in your network and exposing your organization to cyber criminals? The Target breach – and many others like it – should at least make you double check your practices.

In our next webinar, renowned industry expert Dr. Avishai Wool, will cover best practices for managing external connectivity lifecycle to and from your network, including:

  • Defining the right infrastructure, network segmentation, security controls and additional security protections
  • Managing changes to connectivity for third party applications or data feeds
  • Routing partner traffic through your network
  • Auditing and compliance challenges for both you and your partner
  • Technical considerations for managing the business and ownership aspects of third party connectivity

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