Managing application connectivity securely through a merger or acquisition – best practices

When going through a merger/acquisition or a divesture process, companies typically need to move some of their applications to a different data center or to the cloud, merge duplicate applications, or replicate applications to new entities, and decommission the unnecessary ones in order to streamline operations and costs.

In practice, firewall policies will need to be changed or migrated to support the new connectivity, applications, servers and often new firewalls – without creating security risks, outages or compliance violations. This is a very complex project that, if not planned and implemented properly, can have a very serious impact on business operations.

Presented by Edy Almer, AlgoSec’s VP of Products, this new technical webinar will discuss best practices and a real-life use case, which will demonstrate how companies can successfully manage application connectivity through an M&A or divestiture process.

Key topics include how to:



Tuesday, Nov 14th Tuesday, Nov 14th
 10 AM ET (NY)  |  3 PM GMT (UK) 4 PM SG | 1 PM AEDT (Melbourne)
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