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Finding the Right Security Management Solution for Your Organization: Hear from Real Users


Evaluating new security products in today’s world can be tough. Many CISOs and security professionals are seduced by the hype and promises of the shiny new security toys that are popping up like mushrooms. Yet more often than not, you don’t need to invest in these new tools. Just by getting back to basics and managing your security policy effectively you can to prevent breaches, avoid outages, ensure compliance, and improve business agility.

So how do you find the right solution to address your challenges? One place where security professionals go to find information is IT Central Station, a user-driven review site for enterprise technology. Here you can hear from real users who have shared their opinions on AlgoSec’s Security Management solution, and find out how they have benefitted from deploying AlgoSec in their organizations.

Here’s what some real users are saying about AlgoSec:

“Adding AlgoSec as a process into our network, compliance, security, and audit teams allowed for quick turnaround on any issues that arise regarding security rulesets.” Security Architect at a healthcare company, Read more here.

“The advantage is that it [AlgoSec] can really optimize and configure firewall policy rules, and can reduce the configuration that is vulnerable. It can provide solutions to make policy rules more simple and efficient.” System Security Consultant, Read more here.

“There are hundreds of firewall administrators, and each one of them creates rules. Optimizing these rules and being able to make them more logical is a key feature of AlgoSec.” Network Engineer at a tech services company, Read more here.

“It has made implementing regulatory requirements like PCI DSS and ISO easier. It makes me more security aware.” Network Design/Network Security Administrator at Financial Services firm, Read more here.

“AlgoSec provides some good nifty features which ultimately yields better optimization of firewall policies.” Information Security Engineer at a tech services company, Read more here.

There are many things to consider when looking for a security policy management solution. If you want to expand your research take look at our customer success stories, read our product information, and see how we address specific business challenges customers such as security policy change management, firewall clean up and optimization, network segmentation, and auditing and compliance, and many others. In the end, it is important to choose a company that’s easy to do business with, together with a solution that can be easily deployed, save your organization time and money, and most importantly improve your security posture, business agility and minimize risk.

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