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Managing Your Security Policy for Disaster Recovery


If a catastrophe hits, will your organization be able to properly function? How can you ensure that your security policy on your primary site and on your disaster recovery (DR) site are always in sync? In this new lesson from Professor Wool learn how to manage your security policy for disaster recovery.

Setting this up is not always easy. Find out how to properly configure and sync your firewalls policies on both your primary and DR sites in the following scenarios:

  • Where the DR and primary site use the exact same firewalls
  • Where different vendor solutions or different firewall models are used on the DR site
  • Where the IP address is or is not the same on the two sites.

It’s critical to ensure that the security policy on both the primary and DR site is always in sync because if disaster strikes and your policies are not up-to-date on the DR site, your business and your security will be impacted.

Watch the video to learn more and go here to hear about the latest updates to our Security Management solution with enhanced support for disaster recovery device groups.

Each Professor Wool course examines a core challenge and provides technical tips for managing security policies in evolving enterprise networks and data centers. Courses include:

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