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Retail & Manufacturing
Reece Group
"The reason we chose AlgoSec is because we saw the benefits of what it would give us for the business. The time it has taken to make a change has dropped significantly...""
Michael West
IT Security Administrator Reece Group
Utilities & Energy
Energy Company
""We can demonstrate that the firewalls meet our standards.""
Jeremy Haynes
Solution Architect
Utilities & Energy
Energy Supplier
""AlgoSec has saved us a lot of time in managing our rule base.” "
IT Team Specialist
Financial Services
Life Insurance
""AlgoSec worked right out of the box. We got started quickly and never looked back.”"
Network Security Engineer
Global Transport
"Automation is definitely the way to go. We can now stay on top of the process even while we migrate our firewalls""
Security Infrastructure Consultant
Utilities & Energy
Semiconductor Materials
""Today, we are many times more efficient and secure thanks to AlgoSec.""
Senior Manager of Global Security and SOC
FinTech Provider
"With AlgoSec, we get a holistic view of how our entire network operates.”"
IT System Engineer
Utilities & Energy
Energy Group
"Now we can do a firewall change in around one hour. Before, it took five days or more with 20 engineers. Today, we do the same job, but much quicker, with 4 people - resulting in happier cus..."
Security Service Delivery Manager
Retail & Manufacturing
Components Company
"We quickly identified some unused rules, which we were able to safely remove. We're confident in the fact that we’re closing paths and we’ve also quickly managed to get compliance going,..."
Head of Security Architecture

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